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Our cloud marketplace is your secret weapon to grow your product

Enhance your core product with white-label solutions from our cloud marketplace platform; deliver added value to partners and customers while boosting sales and retention (minus the development costs).
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Embed white-label solutions from our Marketplace into your product
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Boost sales and retention by bundling in essential online tools
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Outpace competitors without taking on development costs

Discover the flexible ways you can grow with Vendasta

With Vendasta you can build more value in your product, operate more efficiently, and provide incredible client experiences.

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Enhance your core offering with our marketplace for SaaS products

Enhance your core product by integrating our white-label digital solutions. Enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and outshine competitors effortlessly.

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Integrate quickly using our APIs

We’ve done the heavy technical lifting, so you can ensure seamless integration under your brand using our APIs. Your focus: marketing and launching new features to customers, not development costs and project planning.

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Improve your clients’ online presence

Elevate your partners with crucial digital tools, boosting their online presence and creating upsell opportunities. Be their go-to provider for all their business needs.

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Distribute more software, more efficiently

Seamless software delivery, limitless opportunities. Enhance partner relationships, accelerate sales, and expand your business horizons with our user-friendly tech solutions.

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Everything your customers want, in one cloud marketplace

From reputation management software to listings management and social marketing, we have all the solutions your clients’ want to strengthen their online presence, available to embed into your platform under your brand.

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Amplify sales and retention with our marketplace for SaaS products

Enhance customer value and boost conversions. Expand your product’s appeal to prospects, upsell to existing clients, and increase average transaction value. Cross-sell complementary products, ensuring customer engagement with your growing feature set, fostering long-term relationships.

Vendasta platform image
Vendasta platform image

Gain a strategic edge while minimizing costs with our cloud marketplace platform

Deploy new features quickly, boosting immediate sales and long-term recurring revenue. Minimize integration costs by using one marketplace system so your R&D team can focus on core innovations, not back-end maintenance.

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4.4 out of 5
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4.8 out of 5
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Build online visibility

Products to connect with prospects everywhere they search

Drive and optimize conversions

We make it easy to connect with new customers every step of their journey

Automated reporting and insights

Powerful reporting that empowers your business to sell more

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