Vendasta’s agency software helps businesses of any size scale and grow their revenue

Our all-in-one platform helps midsize businesses grow and scale efficiently while giving them access to industry-leading software and products. Whether you’re looking to market, sell, bill, or fulfill, you’ll find everything you’re looking for with Vendasta’s agency software.

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Why medium-sized businesses use Vendasta

No lengthy integrations

Data-driven digital products

All-in-one sales platform

Discover new ways to prospect

With Vendasta’s agency software, you have access to a range of sales tools that can help to find and nurture prospective clients.

Engage leads with customized content

Vendasta’s marketing solutions give salespeople the ability to provide their leads with a customized and informative sales experience. Easily discover a prospect’s needs with our sales intelligence tool called Snapshot Report, giving your sales team the opportunity to craft engaging sales pitches. Get those reports into the hands of your prospects with our pre-built email campaigns, or design your own, and allow our platform to pick up the repetitive work. Explore Vendasta’s Sales Intelligence Tool

Never leave a lead behind again

Follow that up with customizable triggers that help capture those leads when they're highly engaged. Receive notifications when your prospect is ready to buy, ensuring your salespeople reach out before that lead slips away. With all of these sales tools combined, you’ll never worry about letting a potential lead slip through your fingers. Focused selling with the Snapshot Report

Streamline your sales process

Sales are the heartbeat of every business. Vendasta’s all-in-one platform helps and streamlines your sales processes by providing channel partners an agency management software solution that tackles the technology challenges of fragmented tech stacks.

Sales CRM built for teams of any size

As you grow your business, handling the increasing number of clients and leads can be overwhelming for teams of any size. With Vendasta’s Sales CRM, you can effortlessly track and manage your growing list of prospects through the entire sales funnel. Easily manage your contacts within our streamlined accounts page. Track the engagement of those accounts with advanced filtering options, and make the sales process easier by creating tailored campaigns based on a prospect's data. Never forget a single detail about your clients by creating detailed contact profiles using information from sources like their NAP data, biographical info, and social pages. Explore Vendasta’s Sales CRM

All the sales tools in one place

Once you’ve engaged with the client, move that sales opportunity through our flexible and easy-to-use sales pipeline, so you can better predict your potential monthly revenue. The best part of our sales CRM is that it integrates perfectly with our varied suite of Vendasta software, such as appointment scheduling, proposal building, and project fulfillment, allowing your team to easily access any tool they may need. Every sales tool your sales team would ever need is available at their fingertips — helping create new opportunities to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team. Explore Vendasta’s sales tools

Offer digital solutions to meet any unique need

Become your client’s source for any digital solution they need to succeed online. Access a wide variety of leading digital products and services, all delivered through your white-labeled client-facing store.

Resell hundreds of digital solutions

Within Vendasta’s curated marketplace, you can choose from 250+ best-in-class digital products. Ranging from advertising, SEO, and ecommerce solutions to more specific services, you’ll find the perfect product to fit your clients' needs. With up to 65% lower costs and no RFPs or volume commitments required, you can price your solutions competitively while maintaining healthy margins. Explore Vendasta’s Marketplace products

World-class go-to-market and support

You’ll also have our Marketplace vendors backing you up, so you can hit the market quickly with minimal integrations. Enjoy industry-leading sales enablement, collateral, and marketing support that will help you market and sell solutions to your clients like a true digital expert. As an added benefit, you can even distribute your own products or services within Vendasta’s marketplace. With one integration, instantly reach a global network of resellers and local businesses. Easily establish new revenue streams for your products and services, and accelerate your business growth like never before. Become a marketplace vendor

More to choose from than just digital solutions

Scale your business without the need to hire. Don’t worry about costs related to hiring, training, and retaining employees, with Vendasta’s white-label digital marketing agency.

A dedicated team of digital strategists

Expand your current offerings with a strategic team who will help fulfill marketing services under your brand. Covering review management, listings management, content writing services, white-label PPC services, white-label web design, and social media management, our team of marketing experts are here to help with the ever-changing digital landscape. Certified strategists will work with you, utilizing our proven process to help deliver results and improve transparency with your clients. 9 White Label Services & Solutions to Skyrocket Your Revenue

A team that works at scale

Also, with our teams being fully integrated into the Vendasta platform, you’ll have access to a powerful dashboard with all the reports for your white-label marketing services. Found within our Executive Report, this white-label client reporting dashboard gives you more credibility and allows your clients to keep track of all the work being done on their behalf. With all this taken off your hands, you’ll have more time to close deals and grow your business. Explore Vendasta’s White-label Digital Marketing Agency

Fulfill all your projects from the same place

Manage your client’s projects easily with the Vendasta platform. Streamline your workflow so no task is missed or forgotten.

Fulfill your marketing projects in no time

Integrate all your work in one personalized and prescriptive dashboard. Task Manager, Vendasta’s project management tool, offers effective collaboration and next-level organization features. With customizable workspaces, you’ll be able to gain big picture insights or dive into the details, allowing you to instantly understand what projects are on track and what needs attention. Explore Vendasta’s Project Management Software

Do more with less — automate your workflows

With automations, you’ll have the ability to simplify workflows. Eliminate repetitive admin work with auto-populated tasks and reports so you can focus on your clients. Easily assign tasks and projects amongst your team, and manage the transparency of both internal and external work so no deadline is missed. Along with real-time updates, you can share milestones and instantly notify teammates on a project's progress. This can also help drive engagement and retention with your most valuable clients by allowing them to see specific notes and conversations. Achieve maximum productivity without having to leave the Task Manager dashboard. Explore Vendasta’s Workflow Automations

Invoicing and billing — fast and hassle-free

Provide your clients with a seamless buying experience using Vendasta’s billing and ordering platform.

Invoicing and billing software that gets you paid

From a single integrated platform, easily invoice, bill, and collect payments for all your services. With our Marketplace integration, you have the ability to charge for any of the products and services you choose to offer, or create unique packages to fit the needs of your local market. By automatically generating invoices according to your client’s subscriptions and renewal dates, our platform offers worry-free billing management. Explore Vendasta’s Merchant Services

World-class integrations and security

You also won’t have to worry about payment security. Easily create a Stripe Connect account through Vendasta to receive payouts with ease, directly into your bank account. Your clients will also have a smooth experience when purchasing your services. Once your chosen products are featured in an online store, clients can browse and purchase what they need instantly. Only a credit card is required, no manual work is needed from your team. Never miss a dollar when you start using Vendasta’s billing software.

Give your clients a superior experience with their own client portal

Offer your clients their own client app that allows them to manage their digital strategy, grow their business, and communicate with their customers.

Manage marketing efforts from a single dashboard

Business App, Vendasta’s client portal, lets you build your brand as a trusted technology company. All under your brand, clients will have access to a range of features that will help them grow and thrive. With powerful but easy-to-use ecommerce tools, businesses can stay competitive and never miss a sale. Explore Vendasta’s Business App Client Portal

All your products in one place

Using Vendasta’s website product, your clients can create a beautiful store in minutes. Prove value through our freemium set of foundational tools—Reputation Management, Listings Builder, Social Media Marketing, and more—so they can try before they buy. Through our Marketplace, any product or service you choose to sell is available directly through their Business App portal, allowing them to purchase hassle-free through their customizable dashboard Get started with Vendasta’s foundational products

Elevated reporting to show proof-of-performance

Accessible directly with their Business App client portal, clients have access to an automated proof-of-performance assessment, Executive Report.

The one report to rule them all

This report lets clients see where they’re missing major opportunities in the digital landscape while showing them the value you provide. As they watch their business performance improve, they’ll become easier to retain, which in turn helps establish you as the trusted local marketing expert. Not only that, as they navigate through their Executive Report, they’ll find pertinent recommendations. This prompts them to engage in features that are available to them, and gives them the chance to learn and even purchase that product or service. It’s not only Vendasta products either—you can create a consolidated reporting experience by connecting a variety of third-party apps. By connecting Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Ads, and many more, you can give your clients a comprehensive report on their digital performance. Explore Vendasta’s Executive Report

Agency software for midsize businesses that helps market, sell, bill, and fulfill from a single platform

With Vendasta’s agency software, you can empower yourself and your team with a suite of tools that helps to streamline the sales process, expand your product offering, collect payments securely, and communicate effortlessly with your clients.

Scale your business at your speed

Market, sell, bill, fulfill with our all-in-one platform

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