Welcome Home Social scales to $30,000 in monthly recurring revenue with Vendasta

Located in Austin, Texas

Digital marketing agency founded in 2021

Specializing in services for small businesses in the trades

The Challenge:
A veteran in tech sales, digital agency founder Sean Cantu of Welcome Home Social needed a solution to help him manage his growing client base, demonstrate consistent value to clients, and generate growing monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Building a sustainable agency with growing monthly recurring revenue in partnership with Vendasta

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Sean Cantu, a skilled B2B professional with a background in tech sales, recognized the need for digital marketing solutions tailored to small businesses in the trades and home services industry. He founded Welcome Home Social with the goal of delivering comprehensive services, such as white-label web design, seo white-label services, and local listing management software, to companies such as HVAC, contracting, plumbing, and electrical service providers. 

Cantu started his business facing the challenges of limited time, resources, and the proper tools to prove the value of his services to clients. He sought a platform that could help him scale his business efficiently.

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Cantu’s primary objectives in partnering with Vendasta were to:

  • Increase monthly recurring revenue
  • Streamline and scale his agency’s services
  • Deliver tangible results to his clients in the trades industry
  • Improve client satisfaction and retention

The approach

Streamline leads, pipeline, and prospecting with Vendasta’s CRM

Vendasta all-in-one solution and built-in sales CRM allowed Cantu to streamline his client management,and prospecting processes right away.

“My sales reps are tenured veterans and have used every CRM out there. When they see the CRM that we utilize within Vendasta, they tell me it’s the best CRM they’ve ever used,” Cantu says.

“Compared to Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce, they like using the Vendasta CRM. The tool is invaluable.”

Drive more monthly recurring revenue and close more deals with the Snapshot Report

Another tool that Cantu says his team uses with every sale is Vendasta’s sales intelligence tool, Snapshot Report. Powered by Google, Vendasta’s Snapshot Report is a report card of a prospect’s performance across a variety of online channels, including social media, website, advertising, and reviews. It gives sales teams powerful and automated insights into a prospect’s online footprint, leading to persuasive and informed sales conversations.

“We use it religiously. I think it’s really important to learn your way around the Snapshot Report, be able to customize it, and use it. As a rule of thumb, if you’re going to create an account, you’re going to create the Snapshot Report. It just goes hand in hand,” Cantu says.

According to Sean, Snapshots can be especially useful as a leave behind or value add in a follow-up email if a prospect no-shows a meeting or consultation.

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Bundle from a Marketplace of 250+ digital solutions to meet your client needs

Depending on where his clients are with their digital needs and budget, Cantu has developed packages of products for three distinct tiers. Welcome Home Social offers a starter plan, a value plan, and a prime plan. 

These product bundles are built with digital marketing solutions like website services, SEO, and online listing tools, all from Vendasta’s white-label software marketplace. Marketplace gives you access to best-in-class tools at wholesale pricing, making a big impact on your monthly recurring revenue, just as it has for Welcome Home Social. 

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Getting the doors swinging and the phones ringing

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are at the heart of our communities and local economies. Beyond the value of growing monthly recurring revenue, Cantu beams when describing some of the wins he’s been able to realize for his clients, thanks to his partnership with Vendasta. 

“I set up one client with an ads campaign through Vendasta, and also Boostability SEO. We were able to get him ranked within the top five results on the first page of Google for six different keywords,” Cantu says.

“He’s called me multiple times saying that the leads are high quality, and that he’s been seeing great return on investment since making a switch from his other marketing company to us.”

Accessing a team of in-house digital marketing experts

Cantu also leverages Vendasta’s white-label digital marketing fulfillment team to help him manage his growing client base. This has allowed him to focus on client relationships and sales while the Vendasta team handles service fulfillment for his clients.


“Vendasta’s platform has been a game-changer for my business. The support I receive from the team and the variety of solutions in the Marketplace have allowed me to scale Welcome Home Social and provide exceptional services to my clients.”

Sean Cantu

Welcome Home Social best-selling products:


YEXT Listing Sync Pro

Website Pro

Boostability SEO

The conclusion

Sean’s partnership with Vendasta has proven to be an integral part of the success Welcome Home Social has experienced since its founding in 2021. By leveraging the integrated platform and its wide range of solutions, Sean has successfully increased his monthly recurring revenue to $30,000 and enhanced client satisfaction and retention.

With Vendasta’s continued support, Sean looks forward to further growing his business and expanding his service offerings to reach even more small businesses in the trades. He is confident that Vendasta’s platform will continue to provide him with the tools, resources, and support he needs to thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.


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