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Time-saving tools

Real-time digital ads reporting

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Prospect and produce in record time

Finding the time to expand your client base without reducing the level of service provided to existing clients is a struggle every ad agency faces. Ad agency management software can help with this. Vendasta is uniquely positioned to support your business across the entire range of operations, starting with how you find and close new customers.

Find qualified leads through Snapshot Report

Zero in on businesses that need your help today with Snapshot Report, an automated sales intelligence tool that will surface the prospects where your expertise will have the greatest impact. The time saved by focusing on only the most relevant leads will leave you more time for delighting your clients.

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Build beautiful ads with Digital Ads | Creative

A brilliant campaign strategy is dead in the water without high quality graphics. Work with our designers to create professional-grade creative content, and help your clients get the most from their campaign budget.

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advertising services

Keep an even closer eye on your ads with real-time reporting

Staying on top of ad activity and performance becomes increasingly difficult as your client base grows. With Vendasta’s Digital Ads and Advertising Intelligence tools, you can easily create, publish, and track hundreds of ads without fear of losing track of a single one. Real-time reporting ensures you know what’s working and what’s not at all times. Adjust as needed to optimize performance, and become a hero to your clients by helping them get the most out of their ad budget.

Manage all your ads under one roof with Advertising Intelligence

Track and analyze PPC campaigns for both multi-location and single-location businesses on Google Search and Display Ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more. Get the metrics that matter the most, automate reporting, and find out what’s making your clients money.

Dig deeper with advanced reporting

Gather even greater insights into campaign performance with comparison tools and more detailed analytics. Customizable reports allow you to integrate your management fees right into your client’s spend budget, and hide or show metrics as desired.

Quickly outsource work to Marketplace vendors

Who says you have to do all the work yourself? Vendasta’s Marketplace is filled with vendors ready to support you. Let solutions like AdCellerant and Digital Advertising Services do the heavy lifting on ad research, execution, and management so that you can focus on building the relationships and track record needed to take your agency to the next level.

Reach the right audiences with AdCellerant

AdCellerant’s suite of products take the grunt work out of getting ads in front of a target market. Using geographic, categorical, demographic, and behavioral targeting along with re-targeting and geo-fencing, AdCellerant makes sure your clients’ ads are reaching relevant audiences.

Scale like a boss with Digital Advertising Services

Our Digital Ads team is here for you. With our fully managed, white-labeled service, you can take on more clients and grow your revenue by letting our team of certified advertising specialists handle your clients’ campaigns. Using proprietary technology that can make the most of your client’s budget to serve ads to the right audience, our team will provide proof of performance as they help you scale without worrying about costs related to hiring, training, and retaining employees. We are home to one of the largest digital agencies in North America, and every member of the ads teams is specially trained to deliver results that move the needle.

Discover new sources of recurring revenue

Widen your agency’s horizons with peace of mind and a healthy bank account. Financial stability directly impacts your ability to invest in company growth. With access to products that will quickly add to the value you offer your clients, you’ll have a baseline of revenue you can rely on.

Instantly expand your offering with Marketplace

Hundreds of world-class products are at your fingertips in our Marketplace. Fill your online store with products and services that will help your customers succeed, and turn you into the only online expert they will need. Sold under your brand with your pricing and terms, you can generate more revenue from each client and attract new customers with your comprehensive offering.

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Build trust with Business App

With all of these tools at your disposal, demonstrating the value you deliver to your clients and, in turn, improving retention and increasing revenue per client, has never been easier. Business App is your brandable client portal where your clients can log in to see how their online presence is thriving under your expert care, and better understand the value you provide.

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you clients

Ad agency management software

All the tools you need to scale your agency with confidence, in one place. Boost your agency’s performance by accessing new revenue opportunities, project fulfilment resources, and real-time reporting with our end-to-end solution.

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Discover how to get bigger results and more revenue out of
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