Solutions for Technology Platform Providers

Vendasta gives technology platform providers the power, flexibility, and dependability they need to go to market at the speed their customers demand while minimizing risk and maximizing exposure.

The Challenge

Meeting the demand for more technology-based services at the speed customers need is difficult for technology platform providers. Up against flatlining ARPU (average revenue per unit) and investor demand for increased ARPA (average revenue per account), the need for instant-on solutions and access to an expansive network of distributors is crucial.

Customers are biting at the heels for constant innovation, seamless integration, customizability, support, and accessibility—all while maintaining a unified experience. The struggle to fulfill these needs creates a broken customer experience, as each software vendor has its own portal, platform, billing, and a plethora of login information to memorize.

How can a platform provider focus on expanding their distribution network and experimenting with go-to-market strategies when simply keeping up with industry demand is running them ragged?

The Solution

With the cloud service revenue forecast to grow by 21.4% in 2018,the need for a flexible and dependable platform to integrate with is crucial for offering a dynamic customer experience. By pursuing offensive platform strategies—like implementing new digital offerings that reshuffle current business models, and overinvesting in technology relative to the competition—platform providers yield a better payoff in revenue and growth.2 

Platform providers must stay ahead of the competition and market demand by constantly differentiating their offerings and expanding their reach. By investing in a scalable, robust platform with seamless API integration, technology platform providers will be future-proofed against changing client needs and be able to experiment with their go-to-market strategies risk-free.


How It Works

Amy Gill Introduces Vendasta’s Marketplace

Vendasta offers technology platform providers an end-to-end platform for reselling digital business solutions, as well as access to an expansive network of resellers to maximize their exposure.

Growth starts with integration into our Wholesale Marketplace to tap into our vast network of digital solutions and resellers. By becoming both Vendasta vendor and partner, technology providers will be able to use our robust APIs to introduce new incremental revenue streams right into their platform. Providers can experiment with packages of Marketplace products risk-free and identify the best ARPU-boosting opportunities.

Leverage the Vendasta network of 19,000+ sales professionals selling to 1,000,000+ local businesses to expand your reach into hundreds of markets around the world. With smart sales and marketing automation software facilitating sales from consult to close, reducing churn and growing your bottom line has never been so easy.

The New World

With access to a comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform and Vendasta’s network of resellers and solutions, you’ll have a true partner helping you grow your digital revenue. On average, Vendasta partners grow their digital revenue 3.5x in their first year alone. In fact, the most successful Marketplace vendors experience an average month-over-month growth rate of more than 25% by selling their solutions through the Vendasta Marketplace. 

Let’s work together so you can acquire more local business clients, expand your reach, reduce your churn, and grow your recurring revenue with our AI-powered platform.

Testimonial from a Current Platform Provider Partner

“The solutions Vendasta provides has helped our business not only save time and money, but also provide differentiation in a crowded competitive environment. The platform has allowed us to scale and improve our efficiencies in reputation management and listing management with an easy-to-use interface. Vendasta is very receptive to feedback and provides excellent service. Their passion and commitment fits perfectly with our company attitude.”

Erica Campbell Byrum

Director of Social Media, ForRent

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