Solutions for Directory and Yellow Pages Companies

Vendasta helps directories and yellow page companies pursue new digital sales opportunities in existing relationships by offering a full suite of marketing solutions.

The Challenge

The days of easy dominance over local marketing are over for the directory industry. Getting business used to be easy—Yellow Pages and newspaper were all you needed to advertise. Businesses would come to you.

Not anymore. Now, SMB and SMEs are bombarded with dozens of other choices every day by ad solicitors. They have thousands of options, and the directory space gets more and more difficult every day to show value in your products.

To stay competitive, directory and yellow page companies need to add new digital marketing solutions and agile sales models to facilitate rapid, monthly recurring revenue growth.

A Message for Directory and Yellow Pages Companies from Vendasta CRO George Leith

The Solution

Borrell Associates data on SMB expenditures projects significant investment in local marketing services through 2022

Local SMBs and SMEs still need digital directories. Thing is, research shows that over 86% of local businesses want to buy all of their marketing solutions from a single provider—they don’t want to juggle multiple vendors, logins, and bills1. Offering a point solution or using digital solely to prop up your directory solutions isn’t viable today.

Directories and yellow pages must expand their offerings. By tapping into new digital solutions, they can leverage their existing relationships with the businesses on their platform for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

With local digital marketing revenue projected to outpace advertising revenue by 2.5x by the year 20222, now is the time to capitalize on the relationships you’ve built and dive into digital.

How It Works

With Vendasta’s Marketplace, directory and yellow page providers can quickly go to market with new digital solutions—low risk and at scale. Pick and choose digital products and services from advertising to SEO to websites and launch new digital bundles to sell to local businesses listed on your platform.

By leveraging our sales and marketing automation software with your existing list of businesses, you’ll easily identify new sales opportunities and be able to approach clients with new product bundles selected from our Marketplace. The platform offers the functionality, dependability, and solutions you need to rapidly grow new revenue.

Vendasta has your back with all the training, resources, and collateral you’ll need. Our teams have conducted sales training around the world for directory companies (e.g.,, allowing them to fully comprehend Vendasta’s digital solutions and to start capitalizing on alternative revenue streams.

Amy Gill Introduces Vendasta’s Marketplace

Additional Vendasta Features for Directories and Yellow Pages Companies

Snapshot Report automatically scans business listing data for accuracy

Eliminate Manual Administrative Work With Digital Sales & Marketing Automation

Vendasta’s AI and intent-mining features are integrated into a robust marketing automation solution that determines prospective clients’ intent to purchase and readiness to buy. Lower cost of acquisition by giving sales teams the tools to determine which leads are most ready for first contact.

Learn more about how Vendasta’s marketing automation solutions can power your directory or yellow page company >

Perform needs-assessment of business reputation and reviews

Sales Pipeline and Complete CRM for Directories

Vendasta’s CRM is tailored for Directory companies, allowing teams to manage existing client relationships and prospective opportunities. With unlimited user seats, this Directory CRM system allows sales teams to track activity, communication, and the status of their current and prospective client accounts.

Learn more about how to give your directory or yellow page’s sales team an edge with our CRM solution >

Snapshot Report scans business social media presence and gives a score

Diversify Your Product Offering with Local SEO

Local SEO is an essential aspect of any SMB. Each individual business location needs to have their local SEO game nailed down so that when a local consumer Googles a product/service, your brand’s nearest location appears. Our SEO solution for directories and yellow page companies is designed to effortlessly address important ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of a website for core keywords.

Learn more about Vendasta’s local SEO solutions for directories and yellow pages >

Snapshot Report scans business social media presence and gives a score

Give Comprehensive Listing Solutions to Businesses

Getting a local business found on a specific site can be time-consuming and challenging. Our Listing Builder empowers your directory to start the conversation about digital solutions with local businesses. For no additional cost, you can introduce hundreds of business owners to online presence management and your digital marketing platform

Learn more about Vendasta’s listing solutions for directories and yellow pages >

The New World

With access to a comprehensive sales and marketing platform and Vendasta’s training teams, you’ll have a true partner as you go to market quickly and add new recurring revenue streams. On average, Vendasta partners grow their digital revenue 3.5x in their first year alone.

At the end of the day, Vendasta’s white-label platform empowers you to provide marketing solutions to local businesses under your brand. Let’s work together so you can acquire more local business clients, retain them for longer, and grow your recurring revenue with our AI-powered platform.

Testimonial from a Directory Partner

“Vendasta has given us the ability to scale at Comporium Media Services. We worked with them to do automated marketing campaigns, using their Snapshot Reports to show our customers where they might have gaps in their online presence. By using those in our sales process, we were able to get the right information at the right time in front of our customers, and it helped us grow our digital advertising products by 82% last year. So it was a phenomenal result.”
David Little

SVP of Enterprise Sales, Comporium Media Services

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