Opportunity Management

Combine the sales wisdom of your entire organization

Seize more opportunities with sales collaboration

Knowledge sharing is crucial for every organization. At any given time, sales reps and sales managers need to be in-the-know about stages of deals, key conversations and the latest opportunities. In short, you need to stay in the loop—and now you can.

Stay connected with a live activity stream

Stay connected with a live activity stream

A dynamic feed shows you all of the latest activities happening in your organization’s sales pipeline.

Get organized and find what you need

Get organized and find what you need

Use advanced filters to keep track of each account, actions taken, salespeople and prospects.

Manage your team more effectively

Manage your team more effectively

Oversee sales activity of internal salespeople and prospective clients from a single dashboard.

Collaborate like champs

Whether you’re an enterprise media company or a boutique agency, it can be difficult to get all of your departments on the same page when it comes to sales.

With the Loop’s dynamic feed, your entire organization will be able to view the latest sales activities, actions taken by salespeople and interactions from prospects. Plus, users have the ability to dive into historical sales records for deeper insights into past activity.

Become more productive

The Loop allows you to track important metrics like outbound communications, inbound engagement and presentations booked. Managers love this tool, too; they’re able to monitor the status of specific accounts and measure salespeople’s day-to-day productivity.

Bottom line: Who benefits from our pipeline management solution?

Sales Managers

Automate as much data entry as possible and access all the marketing resources you need in one repository.

Sales Reps

Gain insights into your overall pipeline, improve your daily performance and rest easier with more reliable data.


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