Opportunity Management

Know when local businesses are ready to buy

Fill your sales funnel with qualified opportunities

Closing a sale relies on well-timed interactions with leads. Vendasta’s opportunity management dashboard ranks your prospects in order of “hotness” based on engagements with your Snapshot report campaigns. You’ll know when your best opportunities are ready to buy, and you can nurture those who need more time.

Prioritize leads that are most likely to close

Prioritize leads that are most likely to close

Leads surface to the top of the opportunity list based on their engagement with your campaigns. Recently engaged leads are more likely to buy.

Follow up with tailored insights

Follow up with tailored insights

Review a prospect’s campaign history before meeting with them. Seeing which emails they’ve engaged with gives you a tremendous leg up.

Improve your account management process

Improve your account management process

Assign or transfer salespeople to inbound leads and prospects that need an account manager.

Know who’s hot and who’s not

Prospects are measured and prioritized based on campaign activity—email opens, clickthroughs, emails sent, content type and dates. With the opportunity management dashboard, salespeople are able to see what leads need action immediately and which need nurturing.

Know who’s hot and who’s not
Put an end to cold calling

Put an end to cold calling

With direct access to the data in the Snapshot report, salespeople are able see exactly what the prospect’s needs are. Whether it’s through an email or a phone call, now your sales team can take a smart, consultative approach to selling versus cold calling.

Bottom line: Who benefits from our pipeline management solution?

Sales Managers

Automate as much data entry as possible and access all the marketing resources you need in one repository.

Sales Reps

Gain insights into your overall pipeline, improve your daily performance and rest easier with more reliable data.


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