Rock’n the niche: How is scaling in the carpet cleaning niche

Founded by Reuben Rock, BookCleaningJobs is based in Seattle, Washington

Specializes in providing marketing services to carpet cleaning companies

Vendasta partner since May 2022

The Challenge:
As a burgeoning marketing agency looking to establish its presence in the carpet cleaning industry, was in search of a comprehensive solution that would streamline the sales, billing, and fulfillment of marketing services for its clients all in one place.

Trust at scale: has captured 30+ accounts in just one year

Basket Size

Within a single year, BookCleaningJobs generated more than 100 recurring billed product sales
Specializing in the carpet cleaning niche, this agency leverages industry knowledge and the Vendasta Snapshot Report to close more deals
BookCleaningJobs packages products from a marketplace of 250+ solutions, delivering with a team of experts to fulfill under their brand


Reuben Rock, President & Head Growth Coach of BookCleaningJobs and a devoted bass guitar enthusiast with his own YouTube channel, first made his mark in the business world through his successful management of the top-rated carpet cleaning franchise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Driven by his passion for digital marketing and his desire to assist fellow carpet cleaning business owners with their marketing needs, he made the transition into the agency world so he could provide marketing services on a full-time basis.

After selling his cleaning business, Rock established, his own marketing agency focused solely on helping carpet cleaning businesses generate more leads.

Despite his familiarity with digital marketing, running an agency presented unique challenges for Rock. The process of sourcing services from various providers proved to be cumbersome, leading to unsatisfactory results and pricing structures. Additionally, managing multiple logins per client added to the complexities faced by the team.

“We were really struggling to find all of the different services that we needed to manage digital marketing for our clients and find a one-stop shop,” Rock says.

“We were buying from a lot of different places and not happy with all the results that we were getting, not happy with all the pricing that we were getting. And it was difficult to manage five different logins per client.”

To overcome these obstacles, Reuben Rock and the team embarked on a mission to streamline their operations. Their goal was to consolidate essential elements such as SEO white label services, a social media management platform, pay-per-click (PPC) solutions, and analytics. This vision became a reality through a strategic partnership with Vendasta. Rock leveraged Vendasta’s centralized platform to offer enhanced convenience to both his expanding internal team and his valued clients.

Carpet cleaning company seeks support with their digital marketing


With a strong drive for growth and a commitment to providing clients with transparency, embarked on a mission to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Their objectives were to:

  • Consolidating their tech stack: successfully condensed their various services including reputation management, social media, local listing management, and more into the unified Vendasta platform.
  • Simplifying workflows: The adoption of the Vendasta platform brought a significant sense of relief as it provided with a single point of access for all their daily tasks and activities. This streamlined approach not only saved time but also offered peace of mind to Rock and his sales reps.
  • Enhanced client visibility: Vendasta’s client portal played a crucial role in resolving one of the biggest pain points for It provided a solution to ensure client visibility into the daily activities and progress made by their dedicated team. This transparency helped build trust and fostered strong relationships with their clients.

Through the implementation of the Vendasta platform, achieved their goals of consolidating services, simplifying workflows, and providing clients with clear insights into the team’s daily efforts.

The approach has leveraged the power of Vendasta in several impactful ways to prospect, acquire, and service businesses in the carpet cleaning industry.

Offering a free trial

As a Vendasta agency partner, provides small and medium business (SMB) customers with a free trial of the 24/7 marketing dashboard. This opportunity allows potential clients to experience firsthand the comprehensive range of services before making a commitment.

“It’s an excellent way to provide a taste of what it’s like to be a BookCleaningJobs client, allowing them to log in, explore the dashboard, and envision the marketing potential we can offer,” Rock says.

This free trial offering has become an invaluable tool for the sales team, leveraging Vendasta’s capabilities to attract and engage prospective clients effectively.

Utilizing the Snapshot Report effectively employs Vendasta’s sales intelligence Snapshot Report. This report serves as a powerful visual aid for showcasing their expertise and establishing credibility with prospects who possess prior knowledge or experience in digital marketing.

“The Snapshot Report effectively addresses the core competencies of any digital marketing agency, including website performance, online reputation, organic reach, social media presence, and paid media effectiveness. Its simple A, B, C, D, F scoring system resonates well with our clients and prospects,” Rock says.

By leveraging the Snapshot Report, has achieved notable success in closing deals with prospects who may have been challenging to convert without this comprehensive visual overview.

Upselling new services

One of the significant advantages that Vendasta has brought to is the ability to offer services they were not confident in offering before, such as social media scheduling.

“Once we got a hold of the 24/7 marketing dashboard, including the social media tab, we were able to start offering weekly social media posts for all of our clients,” he says.

“It was extremely simple to do, and our clients can see that these posts are scheduled. So we now offer social media services to every client, whereas we didn’t before. That alone has allowed us to charge more for our services and profit more as an agency.”

Beyond just upselling, the partnership with Vendasta has allowed BookCleaningJobs to scale.

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Growth through a combination of content marketing and sales intelligence

Within a single year, has successfully catered to over 30 cleaning businesses, generating 112 recurring billed product sales. Rock attributes much of his acquisition strategy to relevant content market and sales intelligence through the use of the Snapshot Report.

“We make YouTube videos, write blog posts, share interesting stories on social media, and email our list of carpet cleaners regularly,” he says.

Prospects who express interest will reach out for a call and receive a marketing health check (via the Snapshot Report). If they’re the right fit, will set them up with its ‘GROWTH Plan’ comprising a marketing strategy that includes website, SEO, Google Ads and Social Marketing.

“From there, we tend to experience high retention rates with our clients because we deliver results quickly and consistently. Primarily by leveraging Google Ads campaigns and Google Local Services Ads,” he says.

Staying within your domain of specialization

Rock firmly believes that niche specialization is crucial in today’s landscape. By serving the same type of clients consistently, BookCleaningJobs can provide exceptional service and establish a deep understanding of their clients’ needs.

“Speaking their language, consuming the media they do, attending the events they attend—we aim to become their trusted partner. This approach has brought us tremendous success at BookCleaningJobs, and I highly recommend it to other agencies considering niche specialization. By becoming that dedicated partner for clients in your industry, you can enhance your knowledge and maximize your effectiveness,” he says.

Matt Ainsworth

“Vendasta completely gave me the confidence to know that every time we bring on a client, if we need to build them a WordPress website, it’s simple. We can hop in there, we can activate WordPress hosting, we can activate the entire tech stack that we need for that project, and it’s all in one place. We don’t have to worry about whether it’s going to work or not. It works all the time. It just gives us a great deal of confidence.”

Reuben Rock
President & Head Growth Coach, BookCleaningJobs’s best-selling products:



Social Marketing

Reputation Management

The conclusion

With a focus on providing comprehensive solutions and exceptional service, has experienced steady growth, demonstrated by their expanding client base and recurring billed product sales.

By leveraging the power of the Vendasta platform, including features like the ability to deliver free trials, Snapshot Reports, and a plethora of digital products, they have enhanced their ability to attract, engage, and serve clients effectively—all from one platform.

Their commitment to staying within their zone of expertise and delivering exceptional results has positioned them as trusted partners in the industry.


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