Press release as appeared on Market Wired.

SASKATOON, SK–(Marketwired – Apr 22, 2015) – Vendasta Technologies today released a major update to its Brand Analytics solution, a popular tool that delivers reputation data — including customer reviews and online listings information — to brands, franchises and multi-location businesses.

The new functionality enables users to post to multiple social media channels simultaneously. Now, in addition to the software’s listings and review management features, brand managers are able to approve social posts for all of their locations in one place, as well as post customized messages across their multitude of profiles in an easy, fast and effective way.

A leading provider of online reputation and presence management tools, Vendasta identified the need for businesses to have one centralized hub where they could manage multiple social accounts effectively. Combined with the rest of its platform — which features a full range of DIY, DIFM (Do It For Me) and DIWM™ (Do It With Me) services that help media companies and agencies sell digital solutions to location-based businesses — the new functionality follows Vendasta’s pattern of disrupting the local space by offering an affordable alternative to providers that charge large amounts for similar features.

“Our interactions with partners — in this case, companies that provide digital services to brands — has shown a tremendous need for brands to be able to understand and manage their social media channels,” Vendasta CEO Brendan King said. “Often, brands are unaware of the existence of their own Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, meaning they have little control over the conversations taking place. The updates to our brand management tools allow our partners to help these brands better monitor, manage and create those conversations.”

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