Sr Software Developer: Enterprise Integration

Vendasta Technologies, Saskatoon SK

Career Description

Vendasta is looking for an individual contributor capable of working with our enterprise partners to accelerate the adoption of our platform. The position demands a high level of communication skills, Vendasta domain knowledge, and the ability to work in both Vendasta and the customer’s development cultures. The position offers several unique traits such as opportunities to work in a wide range of programming languages, potential global travel opportunities, and a high degree of freedom and autonomy to create unique solutions customized to the customer’s needs. As such, the position demands an experienced senior developer; experience in consulting or contract work would be beneficial as well.

The Vendasta organizational structure is defined around the core business outcomes desired over the next three years. As such, we have formed our teams around cohorts of customers, rather than products or features. One such customer cohort is the enterprise customer. Enterprise customers are large, established companies, who typically are already using software (often developed in house) to sell products and services to local businesses, but come to Vendasta for our SaaS platform, products, and services.

While the Vendasta platform offers a full suite of features capable of running even an enterprise company entirely; it’s the pre-existing software and process of enterprise customers that provide the need for integration and migration work. Enterprises may also be offering unique customer solutions, and want the Vendasta platform to support their use case. Without offering our enterprise customers professional services, it is too difficult for a large company to effectively adopt the Vendasta platform. However, we must also ensure that we are building features that benefit all of our customers, and own our company vision without becoming a consulting firm.

The majority of developers at Vendasta work in teams of 3-5 developers, working with Product Managers and Designers in the creation of new features and products. Our Research and Development department works hard to help developers learn, grow, and experiment while at work. With a group of over 70 developers, we have fostered an environment that provides developers the opportunity to continuously learn from each other.



  • Work directly with our enterprise partners to integrate them into our platform
  • Work with internal teams to facilitate communication between the customer and R&D
  • Work closely with the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) and the enterprise sales team to pitch and sell professional services as an ongoing solution to the customers’ needs
  • Develop software integration solutions and documentation that can be reused as a framework. “Work yourself out of a job” through diligence; never leave yourself personally as a solution to a problem
  • Create solutions that are not customized on our end, but rather enable the customer to host and run their own solutions
  • Create solutions that follow industry standard practice
  • Follow best practices to write clean, maintainable, scalable, and tested software
  • Work collaboratively with Product Managers to design solutions that help our Partners connect digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses

Skills & Qualifications

  • Communication skills both written and verbal to work with high value enterprise partners
  • 4+ years experience in a related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science, or an additional year of experience in a related field
  • Experience or strong understanding with high scalability, data-intensive, distributed Internet applications
  • Proficiency in modern software language, and willingness to quickly learn our technology stack

Technologies Used

  • Cloud Native Computing using Google Cloud Platform
    • BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Google Data Studio, Cloud IAM, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore, Google Maps Platform, Stackdriver, etc… We have been invited to join the Early Access Program on quite a few GCP technologies.
  • Kubernetes
  • GoLang, Typescript, Python, Javascript, HTML
  • Angular
  • Cloud Spanner, Elasticsearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • GRPC

Relocation expenses to be included (if applicable)

Why Vendasta

Vendasta is a software company that is driving local economies. Headquartered in downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we build a platform that helps B2B companies sell digital solutions to local businesses. Through our partners around the world, we’re helping more than 1 million local businesses thrive and succeed—and we have fun doing it.

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