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5 Reasons NOT to hire a PPC expert in 2023


If your company isn’t offering clients PPC ad management yet, it should absolutely be on your radar. PPC has the power to deliver quick wins to your clients, which can be difficult to achieve with other marketing services that can sometimes take months to start delivering results. And according to MatchCraft's PPC trends analysis, there is incredible growth across many market categories. You might be thinking that it’s time to hire a PPC expert.

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Not necessarily.

By demonstrating that you can drive conversions fast for your clients with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can more easily sell them additional services and become an integral part of their business. However, this doesn’t have to require a new hire and add to your cost of managing people.

We’ll go over why you should reconsider hiring an in-house PPC expert and provide some insight into the best way to start offering top-quality PPC services right away.

To sum up:

5 Reasons why you shouldn't hire a PPC expert:

  1. More employee overhead
  2. Ramp-up time
  3. Risk of a bad hire
  4. Difficult to scale
  5. Additional software costs

The problem with hiring a PPC expert

Hiring an in-house PPC expert might be tempting, especially if you don’t have any experience in this area. It takes some technical know-how, so it’s understandable if you don’t feel comfortable having your existing team try to handle it.

But going the hiring route could cost you more than it’s worth. Here’s why:

1. More employee overhead

Simply put, hiring is expensive. On top of the cost of hiring (which, by the way, is $4,700 on average in the US), your new hire will add to your monthly overhead in salary, benefits, payroll taxes, and new hardware costs. All of these expenses begin to be incurred right away, and they persist even with fluctuations in how much they generate for your business.

When you’re just getting started with a new service offering, you don’t know exactly how much you’ll be able to generate, making these extra costs risky.

2. Ramp-up time

As with any new hire, your PPC expert won’t necessarily hit the ground running and start generating revenue for your agency right away. It takes some time to train and onboard them and to work out how you’re going to deliver PPC services. There will be some learning involved for both your existing team and the new employee.

Additionally, your sales team can only start selling PPC services once you have your new PPC expert secured, meaning there will be a lull between when you bring them on and when you can start generating revenue.

3. Risk of choosing a bad hire

So far we’ve assumed your new PPC expert works out perfectly, but as anyone who has been involved in hiring can tell you, it doesn’t always go so smoothly. There are plenty of reasons why a new employee may not work out, from being a poor cultural fit for your workplace to doing a bad job.

If this happens, you also risk creating a negative experience for your clients, which is difficult to come back from. This can damage your chances of selling not only PPC services but any other digital products you might offer in the future.

4. Difficult to scale

In the best-case scenario, your new digital advertising service sells well and your new PPC expert is at capacity working on managing your clients’ ads.

While this is a positive outcome, it’s also difficult to scale.

A single employee can only handle so much work before it’s not feasible for your sales team to keep trying to sell PPC. At that point, you’ll have to start the hiring process anew, and run into the potential of encountering any of the above risks all over again.

5. You may need to pay for additional software

Depending on how the PPC expert you hire is accustomed to working, they may require you to invest in additional PPC management software so they can deliver their work efficiently. While software can certainly make the job easier, it can also be costly. This adds an additional monthly or annual expense on top of those associated with hiring and managing people.

A better solution

To avoid all of the potential risks and challenges that come with hiring, while enjoying the benefits of adding PPC to your portfolio of goods, white-label PPC is the way to go.

Instead of using in-house talent, your PPC service can be fulfilled by experts working under your brand. Here are some benefits of offering white-label PPC rather than hiring a PPC expert in house:

Vetted experts

With new hires, you have no guarantee that they’ll be able to deliver, but with a reputable white-label provider, your pay-per-click management services can be delivered by a team of specialists certified by Facebook and Google. As a result, your clients’ campaigns will be managed by experts with the latest knowledge of what works in PPC and a proven track record in delivering results.

No employee overhead

With a white-label model, you don’t pay until you’ve secured a sale from your client. At that point, you pay the wholesale price for PPC services while your client pays the price you set for them, allowing you to set your own margins and make a profit. This is good news for your cash flow: you don’t have to worry about incurring costs before the revenue from sales starts coming in.

This also solves the potential problem of costs outweighing revenue, which can happen for a while with new hires. Opting for white-label PPC completely eliminates the risk.

Start fulfilling immediately

Your team of white-label experts is ready when you are, so there is no onboarding or training period needed before you can start selling. Once you’re set up with your white-label PPC provider, your team can start promoting the service. Since the team of specialists will be working under your brand, your clients will perceive any interactions with them as continuous with their dealings with your business.

Control over margins

Setting your margins couldn’t be easier than with a white-label PPC vendor. Since you can see exactly what your costs are for each client contract or project, it’s easy to calculate a price that gets you to your target margin. No need to track hourly billing internally to determine prices, since all your costs will be transparently available from your vendor.

Simple scaling

As your land more clients for your PPC services, fulfilling through a white-label team means there’s no limit to how many clients you can serve. This makes scaling a breeze since you don’t have to give any thought to hiring more staff to handle your growing business.

Straightforward reporting

PPC reporting software makes it easy to see your clients' ad spend across different platforms all in one dashboard. You don’t have to jump around different accounts to see how their campaigns are progressing. Whether you’re using the PPC software yourself or you want to check in on how your white-label team’s efforts are progressing, the information you need is at your fingertips.

Rather than hire a PPC expert in 2023, consider white-label PPC management instead. It just makes sense.

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