Why Reputation Management Matters 

Data from 100K SMBs on how online reputation management could be the key to busting client churn

This study examines the importance of online reputation management and what tactics marketing service providers can use to retain clients for longer.
A few key findings in this study:

  • SMBs who purchased Reputation Management had an increased retention rate of 57%.
  • Just by having clients authenticate their GMB in our system increased retention by 68%.
  • Responding to customer reviews is extremely important. Responding to at least one review increased SMBs’ retention rate by 124%. SMBs that responded to half or more of their reviews had a 66% retention rate with their agency.
  • Clients who are engaged with improving their online reputation experienced greater retention. We examined SMBs who had the help of our Marketing Services team to respond to reviews and found that retention was highest when they were also involved in the review response process.

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