With the holiday season creeping up on small businesses, email marketing is a critical component for resellers to add to their portfolio of solutions for clients.

Staying top-of-mind in a the overly-saturated holiday market is going to be your local business clients' #1 goal—and if you can help them achieve that, you'll be their #1 partner.

Email is a foundational communication tool for your business clients to pair with social and paid channels to capture that holiday budget. But breaking into the email marketing game isn't so easy. It requires both software to manage the emails and automation, and if you offer full-service, then you need experts to write the campaigns themselves. Is it too much for your business to handle? Not with white label.

Read below to see why white label email marketing software and services can be the perfect bow on your local business marketing solutions bundle.

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What is white label email marketing?

White-label email marketing is email marketing software or service that is created by a white-label company to be rebranded and resold by other companies. White label email marketing software would be an email marketing platform built by a white-label development company and rebranded by reseller companies for their clients. Resellers can customize the platform with their own branding and sell it to business clients to manage their email marketing campaigns. White label email marketing services, on the other hand, involve a white label team of writers from fulfilling email services for clients under the reseller brand.

white label email software

An explanation of white label email software workflow

Why should agencies sell email marketing?

Email continues to be a great platform for local businesses to reach their audience—with promotions, contests, newsletters, you name it! Consider these facts to see why you don't want to miss out on adding email to your product suite.

  • A full 65% of marketing service providers sell email marketing to clients (do you?)
  • 56% of companies currently use an email marketing provider (is it you?)
  • And 75%+ of small businesses will like purchase marketing automation software over the next year (will you be able to provide?)
  • 59% of marketers state that email marketing is their biggest source of ROI (are you one of them?)

These all mean that big dollars are spent, and going to be spent, going to be spent, on email marketing solutions in the coming years. Don't you want those dollars funneled into your business?

White Label Email Marketing Solutions to Resell

Building email marketing software and writing email campaigns is a huge undertaking for any company, which is why taking advantage of the white label options that exist in the email space should be a serious consideration. Email marketing has a variety of components that can be white labeled or outsourced—including different kinds of email marketing software, email services, and more.

  • White-Label Email Marketing Software

White-label email software is the perfect solution whether you want to give your clients a DIY or DIWM (Do-It-With-Me) experience. You can take control, and give control, of email marketing to your business clients with a white-label platform.Add robust campaigning software to your store with your brand and resell the software to clients under your price point.

What to consider in white label email software

Email marketing campaigns and strategies are only so good as the email marketing platform itself. When you're in the market for a white-label email solution to sell to clients, check for these features:

Robust campaign reporting: You and your clients will want to know the impact of your emails, including CTR, open rates, sales, and trends over time.

100% white-labeled: it's only truly white label software if the platform is completely customizable.

Customizable email campaign templates for clients.

Full compliance with email spam laws

Resell the most robust email marketing platform on the market—Constant Contact. 

  • White-Label Managed Email Services

Managed email services are a win-win for both you and your clients to generate new revenue. Email is a great channel to utilize for keeping your clients and their customers connected, and it's a great solution to add to your arsenal for cross-selling and upsale. Email is a very versatile channel that can be used for sales and marketing campaigns, newsletters, contests and giveaways—anything your client can imagine!

Writing custom email marketing campaigns may not be your team's forte, or you may lack experience in certain kinds of campaigns. In this situation, leaving some (or all) of your email services to a white label team may be a good option. White label managed email services allow you to sell email marketing campaigns without having to handle the writing.

This managed service is a great add-on or upsell to foundational email marketing software solutions too!

Types of white-label email campaigns to leverage:

email campaign servicesNewsletters, to keep your client's customers updated on the business.

Drip campaigns, to improve engagement and nurture leads.

Sales campaigns, to notify your client's customers about timely deals and promotions.

Holiday/event emails, to improve brand recognition with your client and inform their customer base of local events.

Welcome emails, to ensure that new customers are brought on board properly and their journey begins on a pleasant note.

Triggered emails, to stay ahead of the game by sending prospects emails based on their interaction with content

This list shouldn't limit you in what campaigns you'd like to offer your client. Some white-label email service providers may specialize in specific campaign types, so be sure to understand what they offer before signing a contract.

*Note: If offering DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) managed email services, a white-label email marketing platform is not necessarily required! The white-label team may fulfill from their own email software for your clients.

What to consider in white label email services

Brand voice matching: ensure the white-label email service provider you choose has your client's best interest at heart. Consistency in marketing is key, and email marketing is no different!

Quality and turnaround time of emails

Variety of campaigns: your clients may have varying needs, so make sure your providers can fulfill on all sorts of campaigns, including newsletters, sales and marketing campaigns, drip campaigns, and even brand promotion.

Full compliance with email spam laws

Branded templates

⭐ Our Solution: Vendasta offers white-label managed email services to any company looking to give their clients the power of email marketing. You or your clients can build your own custom campaign package by choosing the number and goal of the emails and let our white-label agency get to work. Drip campaigns, monthly newsletters, one-time sales, and holiday emails—let your clients experience the revenue-generating power of email marketing without the heavy lifting.

  • Additional Email-Improving Solutions

There are many apps and services to consider bundling with white label email marketing software and services.

G Suite: Give your clients a branded email address to send their campaigns from! Not only that, but offer them the productivity tools they need from the most reputable source—Google. Read our G suite reseller guide for more information.

White label graphic design: Pair your white-label email marketing software or services with additional content services to beef up your client's campaigns. White-label graphic design can be bundled to make custom images for your emails, like holiday sales graphics, branded.

White label video creation: Emails with video see a 96% higher CTR than emails without video, so leverage white-label video services to increase the effectiveness of your clients' campaigns!

White label review generation: Using email to generate your clients more reviews is a great way to introduce reputation management into your line of services in an automated fashion. Your clients need more reviews, and these email campaigns will go get them from their happy customers.


When it comes to offering a foundational solution to your business clients like email marketing, why wait to hire and train a fulfillment team? Why wait months (and years) to build out your own software, which won't stand a chance against other market leaders? You don't have to dilute your brand by outsourcing or reselling other company's software--research the white label options available on the market to add to your product line.

Experiment with essential solution bundles for clients and improve the results of your marketing campaigns by adding email into the mix.

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