16 Travel directories and travel agent lists (Updated 2022)

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The popularity of travel directories has shifted. Travel agents listings have changed over the past ten years. The vertical-specific, general travel directories have lost website traffic to travel website heavy hitters such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, and Kayak. Heck, with spokesmodels such as William Shatner and catchy hilarious commercials to boot, it’s kind of hard to forget them.

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The travel niche is dominated by major travel websites

With these top travel websites offering great deals on flights and accommodations, it comes as no surprise that they rule the market share of this corner of the web. These big travel websites have teamed up with airlines and hotels to offer low prices and make the travel niche a competitive place to be. Vacations can add up quickly, and so for the majority of consumers, these sites have become very hard to resist as we all want a great deal on our vacations.

Travel has become a popular DIY category

Back to travel agent directories and travel agency listings. The travel website heavy hitters have made it difficult for traditional travel agencies to thrive in this tech-changing world. Thanks to the internet and modern technologies, everyone can become a travel planner DIY’er. (It’s also safe to say that travel reviews have played a huge part in the latter.)

The rise of the multi-directories and travel agent lists

What has also changed is that niche and vertical-specific travel agent lists have been engulfed by larger, all-encompassing travel directories as well as other sites and platforms not typically considered travel directories. This is where the blurred lines come in. And no, sorry Mr. Thicke, I’m not referring to the song.

Many of the Top 120+ Online Business Directories are not only just directories, but search engines and social media platforms with directories built within them. So, today we live in a world where a travel agents listing or directory can be more than one thing. In fact, it can be many things or part of a greater thing.

TL;DR: Top 16 travel directories to find travel agency listings

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Bing
  4. Yelp
  5. TripAdvisor
  6. Expedia
  7. Yellowpages
  8. Orbitz
  9. The Knot*
  10. Manta
  11. Foursquare
  12. Lonely Planet
  13. Weddingwire*
  14. Viator
  15. Superpages
  16. Roadtrippers

*Wedding niche directories with travel and honeymoon-specific categories. See the travel companies list below for more information.


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Which businesses should list in travel directories?

Businesses related to the travel sector in some way, or businesses in cities with bustling travel scenes, should consider adding their travel agency listings to a travel directory. Similar to our previous discussion regarding adding business listings to Waze and Apple Maps, adding listings to travel directories can be a great way to diversify listings to a new base of potential customers.

Some tourists enjoy checking out local hot spots rather than the typical tourist destination so you never know who your clients may attract if you add their local businesses to travel agent directories.

Keep listing categories as consistent as possible

Each travel directory and travel companies list is different and features unique categories on its site. Even the general travel directories and internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) contain separate categories for travel destinations versus restaurants, for example. The best practice for local listings management is to keep business categories as consistent as possible when adding or claiming listings. Where a business can get a bit more creative is in the description section, if the travel directories allow a little write-up section.

Avoid creating duplicate listings

How can a business keep their listing category consistent when all travel agent lists have different categories? The answer is to try to be somewhat consistent. Let’s use a restaurant as an example. A restaurant should keep its listing category within the realm of a restaurant or food category and not stray to categorize its business as a sightseeing attraction because they have the best burgers in the state.

When a local business lists under a different category from their listings on other travel directories, search engines can consider that information different enough to create a duplicate listing. Duplicate listings create bad data that is something akin to the common cold—stay away so as to not get affected. Whenever I think of duplicate listings I think of the skull icon from Bomberman. Once the character gets the skull icon they can infect others and drop bombs everywhere and it slows them down. Think of duplicate listings like that. It’s a drag and can really mess with your performance on the web. Stay away from it.

Travel-related listing business categories

With all of that in mind, here are the major categories of travel-related businesses, which you'll often find on travel agent directories. Businesses that fall within these categories may want to consider listing on travel directories to expand their visibility and reach:

  • Accommodations: hotels, motels, inns, cabins, vacation rentals, campgrounds, houseboats, conference centers, extended stay suites, bed & breakfasts, lodges, cabins, fishing camps, cottages, hostels, resorts, ranches.
  • Food and dining: restaurants, lounges, pubs, caterers, nightclubs, bakeries, cafes, comedy clubs.

Those that cater to specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. should also make sure they add this information in their listings!

  • Shopping: books, currency exchange, gifts, markets, duty-free shops, pharmacies, eyewear, footwear, liquor stores, shopping malls, technology, toys and games, bike shops, luggage, florists, auto repair.
  • Tours and activities: airplane tours, boat tours, rafting, sailing, sightseeing tour, whale watching, horse trail tour, golf, bicycle tours, walking tours, train tours, scuba diving, ski resorts, fishing excursions, kayaking.
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel agents and travel companies lists are often found as specific travel directories.
  • Transportation: airlines, airports, cruises, public transit, trains, bridges, stations, terminals, limousines, ferries, taxis, vehicle rentals, helicopters, parking, water taxis, ports, flights, taxis, bus services and car rentals.
  • Sightseeing: aquariums, art shows, concerts, festivals, parks, gardens, zoos, gardens, science centers, special events, sporting events, vineyards, arenas, stadiums, bridges, hot springs, theatres, museums, casinos, fairs, parades, lectures, seminars, workshops, auditoriums, towers, beaches, lighthouses, mountains, waterfalls.

The top 16 travel directories and travel agents lists are...

Top Travel Directory #1: Google

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 1.65 billion

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 30.5 billion

Directory Category Type: search engine (with a general directory)

Google’s free Google Business Profile tool allows businesses to manage and optimize their GBP and online presence across Google, including Search and Maps (including Google snack pack). You can help local businesses verify and edit their business directory listing information to help customers find said business through their local search efforts.

Don’t give competitors free business

With a whopping 1.65 million monthly users in the U.S. and average 30.5 billion monthly global users, any business in the travel vertical can rest assured that the odds are good travel goers are Googling their business. If these travelers try to Google a business and cannot find it, then the closest competitor may show up. Around our office, this is what we call giving free business or candy to your competitor.

The data from Google Business Profile appears in Search and Maps, making the information for customers easily findable from desktop, mobile, or anything in between. Users can also read reviews on businesses when they search the business. User reviews are populated from Google as well as aggregated from popular sources such as Tripadvisor reviews and even funny Yelp reviews.

Don’t forget to ask customers to post pictures in their reviews

Hot Tip: Ask patrons to leave a review and photo on Google if you want those images seen. Tourists or patrons may take better images as they can see the experience from the eyes of the consumers, which is harder to do as a business owner. You can use a customer feedback tool like Customer Voice to collect authentic reviews via email or text. 

Top Travel Directory # 2: Facebook

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb):  60 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 26.9 billion

Directory Category Type: social media (with a general directory)

Facebook is a social networking platform that allows users to create profiles, upload photos and other media, keep in touch with friends, family, as well as follow their favorite businesses and brands. Companies can create Facebook business profiles to keep in touch with their fans regarding any company news or updates. Users can follow businesses as well as leave reviews for other Facebook users to see.

Facebook isn’t really a business directory, is it?

Facebook allows for users to search for businesses within their platform. Facebook also asks businesses for full NAP (name, address, phone number) data, even more enhanced data in some circumstances than many internet yellow page directories. So while Facebook is first and foremost a social media site, it is indeed in its own right, a business directory (and can be considered one of the top travel directories, too).

Facebook is a travel directory?

If Facebook is considered a business directory, then it is just a general directory. However, therein lies a sweet spot for businesses in the travel sector. There are many uses for businesses in the travel vertical with Facebook.

Huge potential for free advertising

Let’s say your business is a warm tropical resort. A Facebook user recently came to your resort, had a wonderful time and uploaded their entire travel album of 150+ pictures they took at your resort.

If you can get customers to tag your business in their photos, the potential for free real photos to accumulate for your marketing purposes (assuming you get their permission) is huge. With the cost of a free draw for a five-night stay or the prize of your choice (really however you want to entice customers to tag a business in their photos), if they tag photos and leave a travel review, the number of potential users who will see this and keep your business top of mind is indeed a worthy investment. In fact, it’s priceless advertising. Move over William Shatner, travel spokesmodels are now the ones who are social media savvy.

Again, if that customer happens to tag a business in their photos, these photos not only show up on the timelines the former patron’s friends, but also in the photos on the business's Facebook page. When the former patron shows pictures of their amazing vacation at the resort online to their cohorts, they are advertising the business for free to their friends and relatives who may be the business's target market demographic.

Let’s say they also left a travel review. Those positive reviews are priceless word-of-mouth advertisements. It’s a good idea, of course, to know how to respond to reviews, good or bad, to keep happy fans happy and win back unhappy customers.

Top Travel Directory #3: Bing

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 13.8 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 1.1 billion

Directory Category Type: search engine (with a general directory)

Bing Places for Business is a portal where local business owners can add a free business listing on the Bing network. Businesses can add or claim a Bing Places for Business listing for free as well as upgrade their listing.

Top Travel Directory #4: Yelp

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 16.1 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 158 million

Directory Category Type: general business directory

Yelp is a platform where users can publish business reviews about local businesses and has become the website synonymous with customer reviews. Why? Well, the site has over 102 million reviews for one. Whether you love Yelp or don’t, it has a following unto its own of devoted Yelpers and the birthplace of some hilariously bad reviews.  

Businesses can add or claim their Yelp listing for free. Yelp also offers free tools for businesses to help manage their listing which includes review responding capabilities, photo uploads, and the ability to create special offers.

Yelp is more than a restaurant review Site

While we all traditionally know Yelp as a restaurant review website catering to wanna-be food critics, it has become a general review site with categories ranging from food, shopping, real estate, and home services to hotels and travel. Under Yelp’s hotels, travel agent listings, and travel directories category, there are over forty-four travel subcategories ranging from aerial tours, airlines, buses, boat tours, limos, resorts, rest stops, taxis, wine tours, and more.

Top Travel Directory #5: TripAdvisor

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 10.4 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb):  135.1 million

Directory Category Type: travel directory - paid

TripAdvisor is a travel website company that operates in over 25 countries and features travel companies listings and customer review capabilities. Users can book rooms, find flights, find things to do, and reserve tables at participating restaurants through the TripAdvisor site. TripAdvisor boasts over 96 million members, 385 million reviews and opinions and 48 sites in 28 languages.

Businesses can register and claim their TripAdvisor business listing on TripAdvisor’s online travel companies list and travel directory under either a free or paid listing. Once registered, businesses with paid listings can access tools and widgets through TripAdvisor to help them promote their business listing.

Due to the sheer traffic and popularity of the site alone, TripAdvisor is a definite top travel companies list worthy of consideration for any accommodation, vacation rental, restaurant, or attraction. With TripAdvisor’s high search engine results, a profile on the site when searched could be ideal for a local business's local SEO ranking

Top Travel Directory #6: Expedia

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 7.1 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb):  58.5 million

Directory Category Type: travel directory/agency - paid

Expedia is a travel website owned by Expedia Inc. that customers can use to book flights, reserve hotel accommodations, rent vehicles, and book cruises and vacation packages, as well as other various attractions.

Fun fact: Expedia started as a small division within Microsoft back in 1996 and has evolved into a large portfolio of a dozen global travel brands (ExpediaInc). These travel brands include Expedia, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Trivago, Egencia, Orbitz, WotIf, Venere, Hotwire, Expedia Affiliate Network, Expedia Media Solutions, and AirAsiaGo.

Businesses can add an activity or accommodation to the travel companies list for a fee. Expedia customers can become members of their Expedia+ travel rewards program and earn additional rewards and discounts on future bookings through Expedia.

Top Travel Directory #7: Yellow Pages

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb):  5 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 31.4 million

Directory Category Type: general directory/IYP

YellowPages, or YP.com, is an online business directory owned by YP. You can add, claim, or optimize a Yellow Pages listing for free. A basic information business listing includes a company name, street address, city, state, zip code, email, website, and more. YellowPages also offers a free coupon tool for those with free listings.

So why is a general IYP included on the list of top travel directories and travel agents listings? Yellow Pages has made its business directory appealing to travellers as well as those looking to perform a local search for businesses nearby.

Yellow Pages features a “Tourist Information & Attractions” category as well as categories for motels, hotels, lodging, resorts, lodging, car rental, air travel, travel agent lists, and more. Yellow Pages also features city guides for major cities in the US as well as local Yellow Pages within their website via their sitemap page. With the large amount of traffic to the Yellow Pages directory, it certainly doesn’t hurt to advertise on here for free, whether you plan to add travel agents listings, restaurant listings, etc.


Top Travel Directory #8: Orbitz

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb):  2.6 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 12.9 million

Directory Category Type: travel companies list/travel directory  - paid

Orbitz is a travel website owned under the Expedia Inc. umbrella that customers can use to book flights, reserve hotel accommodations, rent vehicles, book cruises and vacation packages as well as other various attractions. Expedia acquired Orbitz in 2015.

Businesses can add an accommodation or add an activity on the Orbitz’s travel directory for a fee. Orbitz customers can become members of their Orbitz Rewards loyalty program and earn additional rewards and discounts on future bookings through Orbitz.

Top Travel Directory #9: The Knot

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 3 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 12.6 million

Directory Category Type:  wedding directory

Before getting any flack (or thinking I’m off my rocker, or have fallen off my unicorn) for advising that a niche wedding directory is one of the top travel directories for travel agents listings, I need you to think outside the box with me on this one. Remember earlier when I talked about blurred lines in regards to directories? The two major wedding directories on this list both have travel and vacation categories.

Seeing as though businesses can create basic listings/profiles for free on the sites, why not? As the great marketing legend Seth Godin would say, in a world of cows, be a purple cow. Well, this is your chance. Currently, few businesses are listed in the travel categories on these sites so you never know which brides will be checking out travel agency listings for a destination wedding.

You’ve sold me on thinking outside the box. What is The Knot?

The knot is a wedding vendor resource that offers a gift registry, bridal gown search, and local vendor information for weddings. Businesses can list on the directory, “The Knot Wedding Network,”  by creating a limited profile. The limited profile is free and allows vendors to add contact information and a couple of photos. The Knot offers Lite, Standard, and Featured listing packages that businesses can pay for to add more to their local business listings on the directory.  

Applicable travel-related categories featured on The Knot’s marketplace directory: reception venues, hotel room blocks, bed and breakfasts, caterers, bar services, ceremony venues, transportation, travel agent lists, and vacation homes & villas.

Wedding and travel stats and facts

I’m very diligent when it comes to proving a point. Just in case I haven’t sold you yet on my whole advertising travel on wedding directories, here are some stats and facts in regards to weddings and travel that may make appease you:  

These wedding facts have been compiled from sources such as CNN Money, Mediapost, and the U.S. Census Bureau:


  • An average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S every year
  • 88% of Americans marry at least once in their life
  • $72 billion is spent on weddings annually in the U.S.
  • 24 percent of marriages are destination weddings
  • The destination wedding market accounts for $16 billion in annual spending
  • Average budget for a destination wedding is $28,000
  • The leading destinations for out-of-town weddings are: (Figures in parentheses indicate the number of weddings performed annually.)
    • Las Vegas (80,000)
    • Hawaii (20,000)
    • U.S. Virgin Islands (5,100)
    • Jamaica (5,000)
    • Bahamas (4,000)
    • Mexico and Florida are also important locations for destination weddings


  • Estimated number of honeymooners: 1.4 million U.S. couples per year
  • Among couples who choose a traditional wedding, 99 percent take a honeymoon
  • Destination couples spend $8,200 on average on their honeymoon. That's more than one-third more than traditional wedding couples
  • Honeymoons comprise a $12 billion-dollar-a-year industry
  • Couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon. That's three times as much as the average U.S. adult spends on a vacation. Luxury honeymooners, which comprise 15% of the market, spend an average of $9,954 and vacation for 11 days
  • 40% of honeymooners will stay at a resort vs. 27 percent at a large hotel vs.10 percent at a small hotel
  • 80% of honeymooners in the last 5 years used social media to research their destinations.
  • Most popular US honeymoon destinations: Hawaii, Florida, California, Nevada

I don’t know about you, but if these numbers don’t get you excited about listing a local business on a wedding site due to the volume of weddings and annual spend, I don’t know what will. All I’m saying here is that there is a huge opportunity to add a tourism activity, resort, or travel companies lists for businesses on these wedding directories under their vacations and honeymoon tabs.

Top Travel Directory #10: Manta

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 2.1 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 12.7 million

Directory Category Type: general directory/IYP

Manta is a business directory and search engine that provides small businesses with the information to network. Small businesses can create a free profile on Manta’s local business directory at no charge. The free business listing includes company name, address, website and phone number.

While Manta is considered a general directory, this business listing site has over 476,563 travel-related companies listed under travel & leisure in the United States, including travel agents listings. 

Top Travel Directory #11: Foursquare

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 1.81 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 30.6 million

Directory Category Type: social media

Foursquare is a local search service mobile app that users can use to discover new places and businesses. Users can let friends know where they are and find out where their friends are currently located. Foursquare has gamified its application as users can collect points, prize badges, and coupons for checking in at places. Adding or claiming a business profile on Foursquare is free for local businesses.

FourSquare Trip Tips

I know what you’re thinking: where does Foursquare fit in in the travel directories equation? Well, on January 2016 Foursquare launched their Trip Tips feature, helping to make travel easier for its users. How does it work?

Well, let’s use Bob as an example. Bob visits the Trip Tips page and signs into his Foursquare account. Bob then adds his travel destination (Seattle), dates (February), and any notes. Foursquare will then provide a shareable link for Facebook, Twitter, or on the web. Bob’s friends and loved ones that view the link can add venues they think Bob should visit and add any tips or suggestions for Seattle. Neat,right?

So, while a business can’t influence Trip Tips directly, they can start by having a Foursquare business listing. Businesses can also ensure their business information is accurate and that they have great photos and check-ins on their Foursquare account to help attract those Foursquare users nearby to visit their location.

Top Travel Directory #12: Lonely Planet

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 1.4 million

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 14.8 million

Directory Category Type: travel directory/travel companies list

Lonely Planet has grown to become one of the world’s largest travel publishers that prints over 120 million books in over eleven languages. Lonely Planet has guidebooks, eBooks, gift and reference titles, an award-winning website (directory) and magazine, as well as digital travel products and apps.

Businesses wishing to submit their information to Lonely Planet’s directory can do so via the contact us page. This only suggests adding or correcting the business’s information to Lonely Planet’s travel directory/travel companies list, guidebooks, or other products, but does not guarantee a listing. The information then gets sent on to one of the author’s so they can check out their business next time they are in the area.

Top Travel Directory #13: Weddingwire

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 891,000

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 3.8 million

Directory Category Type: wedding directory

Hopefully I did enough to sell you about adding travel agents listings and other travel-related businesses on a wedding vertical directory earlier while discussing TheKnot so I don’t have to rant again.

WeddingWire is an online marketplace where merchants and couples can connect. Couples can search local business listings on WeddingWire’s business directory, find ratings and reviews, and connect directly with the vendor of their choice. Businesses can create a basic storefront for free, which includes a profile and the ability to collect client reviews, and add photos. To be awarded a pro business listing on this wedding directory, you must choose a paid plan. Plans vary in price based on location and business category.

Applicable travel agents lists and travel-related categories featured on Weddingwire’s vendor directory: wedding caterers, wedding travel, rehearsal dinner, and wedding hotel block.

Top Travel Directory #14: Viator

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 930,300

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 6.9 million

Directory Category Type: travel agent directories/travel directories - paid

Viator is one of the top travel agent directories/travel directories that focus on booking activities, attractions, and tours for travellers at different destinations. Viator claims to have curated the best tour and activity providers and provides verified reviews and VIP access. Travel agents and local businesses wanting to add a listing on Viator’s travel companies list can sign up for free. The catch is that the business must provide Viator with net rates at a discount off the best-published rate.

Top Travel Directory #15: Superpages

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 726,000

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 5.8 million

Directory Category Type: general directory/IYP

SuperPages is both an online business directory and high authority site. Businesses can claim their listing for free on the Superpages directory, which includes the business name, street address, city, state, zip code and website URL. Users can leave reviews about businesses, and businesses can reply to reviews.

What makes Superpages super as a travel directory? Superpages lists travel-specific categories on their directory including travel & transportation, food & dining, arts & entertainment and sports and recreation. Even more fitting in Superpages’s case as one of the top travel directories is the city guides feature of the site powered by American Towns featuring sub-directories of all of the states and major cities within. These city guides, show below, features things to do, restaurants, top attractions, arts and entertainment, concerts, kids and parks.  

Top Travel Directory #16: Roadtrippers

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 485,000

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 1.5 million

Directory Category Type: travel app

Roadtrippers is a mobile travel planning platform that boasts over 26 million trips booked on it to date. Users can plan their own trips, view featured trip guides as well as offbeat and scenic route guides. Roadtrippers gets its information through crowd-sourcing and manual research.

Travel agents and local businesses can suggest their business information, including contact information, description, and recent photo, by messaging the Roadtrippers team directly. The Roadtrippers team will review the place and if it is accepted, they will add it to their maps.

5 Honorable Travel Directory Mentions

Honorable Travel Directory Mention #1: WorldWeb

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 210,000

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 752,300

Directory Category Type: travel directory

Worldweb is an online travel directory featuring over 500,000 web pages of travel agents lists and travel information. The listing site offers a hotel and car rental reservation service in addition to its travel directory.

Worldweb’s travel directory features categories such as accommodations, tour operators, visitor attractions, restaurants & bars, shops, and transportation services for businesses in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Worldweb also offers users tools such as visitor maps, travel articles and photos. Businesses can create a free listing on the travel directory with the option to pay to increase their advertising exposure on the site.

Honorable Travel Directory Mention #2: GetYourGuide

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 163,600

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 2.5 million

Directory Category Type: attractions/travel directory

GetYourGuide is a travel directory that allow users to find, compare and book tours, attractions, excursions, fun activities, and things to do around the world. The purpose of GetYourGuide makes it easier for users to find and book activities for their trips. Businesses offering applicable services can register on the business listing site for free, the only time a business pays is via commission when a user books an attraction through the site.

Honorable Travel Directory Mention #3: Realadventures

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 30,000

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 60,500

Directory Category Type: travel directory

Realadventures is a travel directory that lists a variety of accommodations and activities from around the globe. Any accommodation or travel service businesses can add a travel listing to Realadventures for free. The free listing option includes a free map, calendar, reviews capability, photo gallery, amenities, rate card, currency converter, and more.

Since the free listing option doesn’t include a phone number, it will only provide an unstructured citation. The paid premium listings option allows a business to show their phone number, link to their website, and link to their Facebook page.

Honorable Travel Directory Mention #4: thingstodo

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 16,600

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 21,900

Directory Category Type: travel directory - paid

Thingstodo is an online travel directory featuring travel, recreation, and entertainment information for activities throughout the U.S. and Australia. Thingstodo offers paid listings to businesses related to lodging, events, attractions, and guides categories with options ranging from $25/year to $300/year.

Honorable Travel Directory Mention #5: Wegoplaces

Average US Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 10,800

Average Global Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 33,800

Directory Category Type: travel directory

Wegoplaces is a free travel guide that has over 50,000 tourist attractions, activities, and events within the U.S. and Canada in its travel directory database. The travel directory allows users to create their own online travel itinerary from listings on the site.

Wegoplaces allows businesses to add their travel agents listings or local business listings for activities, tourist attractions, events, restaurants or visitor information to the directory for free. Listings include a description, map/directions, pictures, contact information, web links, social links and videos.

Bonus: Other popular travel-related websites and web travel agency listings

Here are some of the other top travel websites. While these are not travel directories or travel agency listings per se, these are the bigger travel agency sites or up-and-coming travel websites that are good to know about or be aware of if you are in the travel niche.

Kayak* - travel deals, allows businesses to add their hotel listings

Priceline*- travel deals, allows businesses to add their hotel listings

Hotwire*- travel deals, allows businesses to add their hotel listings

CheapOair - travel deals

Travel Zoo - travel deals

Airfarewatchdog - flight prices monitored to give you the best deal

Skiplagged - more flight connections to give you more price options

Momondo - global travel price site offering deals

Now you're a travel directories expert!

While the directory landscape is constantly changing, one thing is certain: listings on business directories help customers find local businesses. It is important to keep in mind the business’s customer base and where their demographic would be browsing on the web. It is also important to list on places that the business’s competitors haven’t listed on yet. If the competitors have beaten them to a certain directory, it may be time to catch up.

It also doesn’t hurt to be creative when picking which travel directories to list on. It certainly makes sense to add a travel agent listings or local business listings to travel-specific directories if the shoe fits, but the moral of the story is to look at different directories that have travel-related categories, too. You never know which customer may find you from there (e.g. wedding directories).

A word of caution: stay away from junk travel directories. Just because a business can get a link back from a directory, doesn’t mean it’s going to be worth the business’s while. Remember when looking at travel directories, check out the web traffic volumes, domain authority, bounce rates, time on page, and whatever other metrics that will help you determine if a listing source is worth it, especially if they charge to list on their site. Bon voyage and happy travel directory listing!

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