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Improve customer acquisition through proof of performance reporting, marketing automation, and a suite of curated SEO solutions. Vendasta’s best-in-class technology will help you save time and manage your clients’ online presence. Using the SEO agency platform of choice, you’ll become your clients’ go-to provider for search presence—and everything else they need.

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Why SEO agencies use the Vendasta Platform

Fast proof of value

Incredible outreach

SEO products for resale

Outsourced SEO services

Show value—automatically

With Vendasta’s automated reporting, you can keep your clients up-to-date on the latest improvements to their SEO. Clients can log in to their business portal to view automated proof-of-performance reports and watch their business grow.

Deliver instant proof-of-performance

The Executive Report is a game changer for any SEO agency. Automatically notify clients when their Executive Report is ready to view so they can keep a close eye on reputation, listings, digital ad campaigns and key metrics.

Offer your clients their own business portal

Provide your customers with a white-label client portal to manage their online presence and strategy. Google Search Console offers SEO reporting within the automated proof-of-performance Executive Report, giving your client the full picture on how they are performing online. With a full suite of digital marketing products and services, you can easily help improve their SEO over time and prove your value as their trusted local expert!


Your new secret weapon: Snapshot Report

With Vendasta’s award-winning sales intelligence tool, Snapshot Report, you can instantly provide prospects and existing clients with insights into their business and ways to improve. Clients or prospects can easily visualize how they appear in local search results and how their online information affects their search ranking. They’ll be able to see how their business appears within Google’s search results, where they rank on Google and Google Maps, as well as organic keyword performance compared to their competition.

Discover more about Snapshot Report

Snapshot Report is the ultimate SMB conversation starter. Clients can gain insight into each way their business is improving with suggestions for improvement. Go beyond SEO and show clients up-to-date data on their online listings, reputation, social media performance, and much more. Use this data to educate clients on their online presence and close the gap with their marketing needs.

Ready to become a Snapshot Ninja?

This course from Vendasta’s Conquer Local Academy, led by our own CCO and sales guru George Leith, will teach you everything you need to know to start working with Snapshot Report. Find new clients, and start using all of Snapshot’s assets to create the perfect first conversation with your prospects.

Learn to become a Snapshot Ninja from Vendasta’s own George Leith!

Compliment your SEO offering with best-in-class products

Vendasta’s Marketplace of products allows you to branch out from a traditional SEO offering to an all-encompassing agency that makes SEO look effortless. With hundreds of solutions to choose from, paired with recommendations from our needs assessment reports, expanding your SEO offering is a cinch. Choose from listing services, blogs, digital ads, reputation management services, and more.

Go-to-market fast with pre-made campaigns

Build the perfect online store to accompany your SEO services with a constantly growing supply . With ready-built campaigns and resources, your go-to-market speed will be faster than ever. Even when providing a product on the fly, the expertise of Vendasta and its Vendors is on hand to get your team selling as quickly as possible.

Set up your store fast

Create your online store by bundling your own SEO offering with some complementary products found in the Vendasta Marketplace. Curate your store with blogs, listings, reputation management, and many more SEO-enhancing products and services. Make this process even faster and set up your store for success by checking out this free course.

Setting up your store for

Focus on growing your business by outsourcing SEO work

Too much on your plate? No problem! The Vendasta Marketplace features a number of top-shelf SEO services to help build your company at scale. Looking for more SEO fulfillment for less? No need to expand your own team: we can help you out.

Discover SEO services in the Vendasta Marketplace

Find new ways to fulfill with SEO services from the best partners in the industry. In the Vendasta Marketplace, you’ll discover top-level services from SEO professionals that, white-labeled, can be provided seamlessly alongside your own.

Find more SEO solutions in the Vendasta Marketplace

Want to know more about white labeling SEO?

White-labeled services give you the option of outsourcing work to fulfill client requests, but still delivering the product (and results in the case of SEO) under your brand. With other white-labeled assets, like your client’s rebranded business portal.

The Ultimate Guide to White Label Products and Solutions

Sell SEO products that will help your clients win local

Still not convinced? Take it from the over 100,000 SMBs that we’ve helped to accurately and efficiently claim their Google My Business (GMB) listing. Vendasta is proud to be a Featured Partner by Google My Business, a partnership developed over years of helping agencies just like yours.

Local SEO boosting products

Choose from an array of industry-leading software that will help your clients claim their online business listings, manage their online reputation, reviews, social media presence, or collect feedback from their customers. Establish your brand as the one and only SEO management provider your clients need.

Scale your marketing efforts

Help your clients establish credibility in their industry with SEO Enhanced blogs, optimize their GMB with Monthly NAP data verification, or get a team of marketing experts to professionally and quickly respond to online reviews on their behalf. Give clients a complete solution by offering everything they need end-to-end and under your brand, through our white-label digital marketing services.


SEO agency management software: a primer

Although you already no doubt use a solution, or more likely suite of solutions, to manage your business, you definitely haven’t come across a Platform like Vendasta’s that’s designed with SEO success in mind.

Grow your SEO agency with Vendasta

Discover how to reach out, expand your offering, and prove
performance better with Vendasta.

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Find new paths of growth for your SEO agency


Demystify SEO

This online course for Channel Partners looking for new and easier ways to explain SEO and its importance to their clients is a great way to add clarity and momentum to SEO sales.


Why SMBs need SEO

In this course from Marketplace Vendor Boostability, you’ll learn more about how to improve SEO sales to local businesses.


Set up your store

Discover how to fuel your expansion with this quick guide to creating a store of products and services from Vendasta’s Marketplace.

We succeed when our customers succeed

“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

Tonya Wren



“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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