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Everything you need to market, sell, bill, and fulfill in one automated platform. Our billing and invoicing management platform includes recurring billing and automated invoicing, so you can manage all of your client accounts from one place.

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Why finance teams use Vendasta

A single place for
billing and invoices

A consolidated
financial solution

Single Vendor

One place for everything

With the Vendasta platform, you can access your clients’ accounts, billing, send invoices, and get paid, in one place. Designed for local experts, you’ll get paid fast and on time from your clients with no manual billing. Charge set-up fees and calculate taxes to ensure you’re being paid the correct amount. With Vendasta, you can provide your local business clients with a seamless buying experience—all in one place, under your brand.

Buying experience

Our invoicing and billing platform allows you to meet the unique billing needs of the services you’re providing to local businesses. With our platform, you can charge for one-time purchases, recurring monthly charges, and more. Plus, you can receive payments in a variety of currencies, including USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, and more to serve your clients wherever they are. Payouts can be deposited directly and securely into your bank account from Stripe Connect. All major debit and credit cards are accepted, so your clients can pay you however they like.

Marketplace of Products

Your local business clients can shop from your white-label store of products and services, and purchase items themselves. Whether they chose separate products and services from us or you, the cost is combined into their shopping cart and invoiced automatically from one place.


Consolidate to save and succeed

Bill for all the products and services you offer, under your brand, from one place through our billing and invoicing management platform. Securely transact and receive payouts by setting up a Stripe Connect account—the leading payment platform.

Don’t worry about being charged by us before accepting payment: sell new products and services to your clients through Vendasta’s Marketplace without fear of loss on wholesale costs.

Seamless purchase experience:

Provide a seamless purchase experience that will delight your clients and keep them coming back. Showcase all your products and services in your white-label Marketplace store—your services bundled with our solutions, white-labeled under your brand! Your clients can browse and discover your products and purchase what they need with a few clicks, without any intervention from your team. All they need is a credit card!

Invoices are customizable and are all white-labelled under your brand – powered by Stripe Connect!

Pay one vendor, not dozens

Subscriptions and recurring monthly or weekly product and fulfillment billing is automated and secure with the Vendasta platform, saving you time and money. Focus on scaling your business and providing value to your clients, and let us handle the tedious work.

Merchant Services at Vendasta:

Our Merchant Services can be integrated with the services that you already sell. You no longer have to worry about separate billing when purchasing a new product—our platform instantly connects your product catalogue with your billing process.
Invoicing, billing, and payments are fast and hassle-free. Charge for any of the products and services you offer, or create packages with the solutions in Vendasta’s Marketplace. We make it easy and secure to request and accept payments from one place for anything you sell. Get rid of manual work by automatically generating invoices according to your clients’ subscriptions and renewal dates for worry-free billing management.

Billing and invoicing platform for finance and accounting teams

With automated invoicing and billing, secure payment collection that goes directly to your account, and a variety of payment options for local business clients, you create a seamless purchasing experience for your local business clients.

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