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Get paid fast and on time by your clients

Invoice, bill, and collect payment for all of your services through a single, integrated platform. Provide your local business clients with a seamless buying experience—all in one place, and all under your brand.

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Integrated with the services you sell

Stop worrying about configuring your billing system each time you bring on a new product. Vendasta’s platform instantly connects your product catalog with your billing process.


White-label Stripe, branded as yours

Bill as yourself, under your brand. Securely transact and receive payouts by setting up a Stripe Connect account—the leading payment platform.


Get paid before you get charged

Don’t worry about being charged before accepting payment: sell new products and services to your clients through Vendasta’s Marketplace without fear of loss on wholesale costs.

Invoicing, billing, and payment—fast and hassle-free

Charge for any of the products and services you already offer or create packages with products from Vendasta’s Marketplace. Vendasta makes it easy to request and accept payments from one place for anything you sell. Automatically generate invoices according to your clients’ subscriptions and renewal dates for worry-free billing management.


Securely accept payments and receive payouts

Vendasta makes receiving payment from your clients easier than ever. Simply create a Stripe Connect account through Vendasta to receive credit card payments from your clients, and add your bank account details to receive payouts from Stripe.

A seamless purchasing experience for your clients

Showcase all your products and services in an online store. Clients can browse your products and purchase what they need through a few keyboard strokes, without any intervention from your team. All that’s needed is a credit card!

Get paid by your clients

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Billing designed for local experts selling to local businesses


Flexible pricing plans

Use Vendasta’s billing to meet the unique needs of the services you’re providing to local businesses. Charge for one-time purchases, recurring monthly charges, and more.

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Customizable invoices

Send recurring invoices for your services or one-off invoices—all under your brand, powered by Stripe Connect. Add your logo, configure your client and service information, and apply taxes.

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Payment methods

Stop chasing down clients for a monthly check, only for it to bounce. Start accepting credit card payments for your services, and let your clients pay the way they want.

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International currencies

Receive payments in a variety of currencies, including USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, and more. Get payouts directly into your bank account from Stripe Connect.

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Secure and compliant

Keep your invoices compliant with ever-changing payment rules and regulations. Securely collect payments from clients anywhere across the world.

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Configurable automations

Use workflow automations to trigger email reminders, failed payment notifications, fulfillment projects, and more—all from the moment the transaction occurs.

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Flexible pricing plans

Turn into a recurring revenue machine

Build out your catalog of services, and collect payments from clients exactly the way you want.
  • Set recurring invoices for anything your agency offers
  • Sell new products and services from Vendasta’s Marketplace
  • Charge setup fees and calculate taxes, all from one spot

Customizable invoices

Charge for anything you offer

Vendasta’s invoicing system is flexible enough for you to bill your clients for any of the services you provide.
  • Designed for local experts. Create one-time, custom invoices for ad hoc fees
  • Collect payment on Marketplace products before you get charged
  • Customize the look and feel of your invoice emails with your logo and brand colour

Payment methods

Let your clients pay the way they want

More and more local businesses want to pay for services automatically from their credit card. With Vendasta, your clients can buy your services hassle-free.
  • Easily accept all major debit and credit cards for secure payments
  • Support more than credit cards by offering your clients alternative payment methods
  • Automate the payment process to eliminate tedious and manual
    billing efforts

International currencies

Offer your services on a global scale

Don’t limit yourself to only local clients, think globally by supporting international payments. Vendasta allows you to expand your reach without worrying about billing.
  • Accept any payment method with our unified platform, no
    integrations needed
  • Support all major credit cards in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
  • Offer international clients security and peace of mind when collecting their payment

Secure and compliant

Rest easy with our revenue protection

Security is vital when it comes to collecting payments online. Vendasta’s platform helps protect your revenue when it comes to invoice payments.
  • We allow you to send invoices with built in security for credit and debit cards
  • Easily configure and send compliant invoices in 13 languages
  • We’ll automatically email your clients to request authorization, improving security

Configurable automations

Customizable invoicing options

Spend less time collecting payments from your clients by automating the billing process, from sending invoices to retrying failed payments.
  • Decrease the risk of missed or overdue payments with automatic reminders
  • Automatically renew a client’s invoice with configurable rules
  • No messy calculations with automated billing proration and sales tax calculations

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Take the Merchant Services Course on Conquer Local Academy

Conquer Local Academy provides you with 100% free, fully remote courses that are designed by industry experts.

Take the Merchant Services Course to learn how to seamlessly collect payment, follow up with clients in Partner Center, and create invoices.

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Our Resource Center is here for all the support you need. Browse our rich library of articles and videos that will help guide you with everything you need to get set up with Merchant Services.

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Leave feedback and share insights with other Vendasta Partners on how the Merchant Services release will affect your business.



What is billing and invoicing software?

Billing and invoicing software helps manage the process of collecting payments online. This can include everything from securely accepting payments to managing recurring invoices.

Why use billing and invoicing software for your agency?

This can help automate the process of payment collection, whether it’s a one-time fee or recurring charge. Everything from tax calculations to email reminders can be automated, saving you valuable time.

This software can also help the security and compliance of your agency. You can accept payments online knowing the process is safe, while conforming to any payment regulations that may apply to your region.

Can you set up recurring invoices with Vendasta’s billing and invoicing software?

We do allow you to configure recurring invoices with our software. This can be easily set up to ensure that a payment is never missed by automatically sending invoices to your clients when the next payment is required.

What payment methods are supported by Vendasta’s billing and invoicing software?

We accept all major debit and credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, and Discover.

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