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Vendasta vs. Yext

The Ultimate Listings Management Showdown

Vendasta vs Yext the ultimate listings management showdown

When it comes to best-in-class digital solutions, Vendasta and Yext are often part of the conversation. Both companies offer listings management, social media marketing and rich data listings. While we’re thankful for the recognition, we’d like to set the record straight on how we differ in our approach to online presence management.

Listings Management Approach

The #1 reason businesses use a listings management tool is to create and maintain listings on local business directories (Google, Facebook, Bing, YP, etc). Accurate listings improve the chances a business will be found in local search.

Both Vendasta and Yext have direct relationships with online business directories, allowing local businesses to instantly create, update and maintain their listings via API. Both companies also sync listing data to major data aggregators, allowing local businesses to create a myriad of citations—an effective listings strategy for long-term SEO benefits.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Vendasta takes a much more holistic approach to listings management. For starters, we have an in-house Digital Agency that is dedicated to completing work on your behalf (i.e., under your brand) if you’re too busy to do it yourself. Also, one of the a là carte services we provide is claiming listings on four of the highest-trafficked sites: Google, Bing, and YP. This claiming allows local businesses to gain more control over their listings on the sites that account for 80% of local searches.

To add to the disparities between Vendasta and Yext, Vendasta’s listing solution includes a plethora of vertical-specific sites for businesses that need to reach certain markets such as healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and more. With Vendasta, businesses can monitor listings and reviews on sites like RateMDs, Vitals, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Edmunds. In terms of vertical-specific sites, Yext only offers support for listings in the restaurants and healthcare markets. In fact, they were late to the healthcare party (Yext launched healthcare support in Q2 of 2016 whereas Vendasta has been building on these features since Q1 of 2013).

Key Listings Management Features

Listings Management Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Instantly creates and updates business info on listing sites
Fixes business info on major data aggregators
Offers a Digital Agency dedicated to completing work on your behalf
Supports healthcare-specific listing sites
Supports hospitality-specific listing sites
Supports automotive-specific listing sites
Supports legal-specific listing sites
Supports restaurant-specific listing sites
Supports real-estate-specific listing sites

Local Directory Coverage

It’s common knowledge: The more listing sites a business is on, the better their chances of getting found in local searches. And there are hundreds of places where businesses could be listed—directories, maps, social networks and navigation systems. So it’s critical to consider total reach when evaluating listings management vendors. Let’s tally up the numbers.

Yext’s PowerListings network in the US covers about 70 listing sites and three data aggregators (Factual, Acxiom and Infogroup), which are referenced by roughly 200 websites over time. With a total reach of about 240 unique sites, we know Yext’s customers are missing out, and we’ll show you why.

Vendasta’s listings management solution allows businesses to:

  • Create and update business listings on over 35 reputable listing sites.
  • Generate locations on more than 10 vehicle navigation systems, including Audi, Ford and Toyota.
  • Establish accurate listing info on the four major data providers (Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar Localeze), which are referenced by over 300 websites over time.

Adding up the numbers, you’ll see that Vendasta’s direct relationships with data providers like Acxiom and Neustar Localeze allow local businesses to reach more than 335 unique listings and citations across the web. That’s 95 more sites than Yext for a portion of the cost!

Key Local Directory Coverage Features

Local Directory Coverage Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Number of US business listing sites with direct sync 35+ 70+
Number of navigation systems of major car manufacturers 10+ <5
Number of data aggregators 4 3
Number of sites that reference those data aggregators 300+ ~200
Total reach* 335+ ~240

*Total reach is calculated based off of the total number of unique sites.

Listings Stability

Vendasta and Yext are similar in this regard.

Both direct syncing services offered by Vendasta and Yext essentially replace existing business listings with accurate paid listings. When either service is cancelled, the paid listing is removed, and the online directory will simultaneously restore the previous listing. If the directory hasn’t corrected their underlying version of the listing, it may restore to the incorrect info that was visible prior to the activation of the service. But rest assured, Vendasta will not force the incorrect info back onto the listing.

On a separate note, when Vendasta and Yext submit business information to the major data aggregators, the business’s listings will continue to improve and may remain with the business indefinitely. According to our research, however, it’s important that businesses continue to renew their subscription, since listing data can be altered by external sources.

When it comes down to listings stability, we’ll call it a tie.

Key Listings Stability Features

Listings Stability Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Claims listings and keeps them accurate for businesses on an ongoing basis while on contract
Keeps your listings data intact even when you cancel your subscription
Gives you ownership of your listings accounts and data


Both Vendasta and Yext offer subscriptions for white-label listings management solutions that you can resell to clients. While Yext requires you to give them your contact information and go through their lengthy sales funnel in order to find out how much it's going to cost, Vendasta shows you pricing information upfront (right on our website, in fact).

Set-up fees and subscriptions aside, the per-account costs of reselling Vendasta versus Yext's listings management solutions varies greatly. Vendasta's Listing Sync Pro tool costs $179.99 per location per year, and our Listing Distribution service costs $42-50 per year. The most comparable package at Yext costs $449 per year, but requires an extra fee for suppressing duplicate listings and another fee for fixing listings on the data aggregators.

Even if Yext charged no ancillary fees or recurring subscriptions, the cost of reselling Vendasta's solutions is far more scalable, given the affordable price point per account.

Another factor that differentiates Vendasta’s Listing Sync solution from Yext’s PowerListings is that Vendasta provides its partners with Google My Business, Facebook and Twitter for no additional charge. This freemium model allows agencies to introduce local businesses to presence management, and provides them with an upsell path. Yext only offers these sites in their $449 package.

Key Pricing Features

Pricing Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Publicly lists pricing off homepage
Direct syncing cost (per account per year) $179.99 $449
Data aggregator cost (per account per year) $42-50 *

*Yext does not publicly reveal pricing for using their data aggregator service

Managed Services

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an agency or media company that provides products and services to local businesses. And if your clients are like most local businesses, they don’t have time to be messing around with listings.

Luckily, Vendasta provides Concierge services that allow you to manage all of your clients’ listings from one scalable interface and tap into a new revenue stream.

We also realize you’re busy too. If you’d rather not manage your clients’ listings yourself, we provide the best in-house Digital Agency services on the market.

Key Managed Service Features

Managed Services Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Offers tools for listings, reviews and social management
Offers managed services

Platform Appeal

Both Yext and Vendasta offer comprehensive digital marketing platforms that include listings management, review monitoring, social media marketing, rich data listings and beacons. While these products are important components of an effective digital marketing strategy, they only make up a small part of an agency’s tool belt.

On top of Vendasta's product suite, Concierge platform and Digital Agency services, we provide:

  • An agency-specific marketing automation platform that’s designed to help our partners identify hot leads.
  • A product catalog that allows our partners to add their own products into their Business Center dashboard.
  • A wholesale marketplace that helps our partners provide even more digital solutions to local businesses.

In other words, Vendasta offers a more comprehensive platform that virtually eliminates vendor fragmentation. With Yext, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll need another vendor to complete your digital offering.

Key Platform Features

Platform Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Listings Management
Review Monitoring
Social Page Sync
Social Posting
My Listing pages
Managed Services
Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Automated Content Prospecting
Product Catalog
Wholesale Marketplace

Business Model

Yext sells directly to local businesses, whereas Vendasta sells exclusively to agencies, media companies, directories, pure play digital companies and anyone else who provides products and services to local businesses. In other words, with Vendasta, you don’t have to worry about your vendor eating your lunch.

Key Business Model Features

Business Model Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Only sells to agencies and not your clients


We've offered listings management since 2008, so we bring a lot of experience as a proven platform, but over time we've grown to so much more than just listings management. The summary here speaks for itself.

Section Vendasta Technologies logo Yext logo
Listings Management Approach
Local Directory Coverage
Listings Stability
Managed Services
Platform Appeal
Business Model
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