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The Ultimate Marketing Automation Showdown

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Vendasta and HubSpot are robust marketing automation platforms that offer a plethora of digital marketing and sales solutions for business management. Offering solutions in a variety of marketing categories, from SEO to social media, both are one-stop-shop solutions for many businesses looking to grow their business.

HubSpot and Vendasta are both viable options for resellers looking to offer marketing services to local businesses. However, while Vendasta’s platform is white-labeled and built specifically for resellers to brand and sell to clients, HubSpot sells their platform directly to businesses. Vendasta is equipped with the smart sales tools, content, and automation providers need to sell marketing solutions to local businesses at scale.

While HubSpot is a great solution for business management, Vendasta is optimized for management and growth.

What makes Vendasta different?

Vendasta offers a robust white-label platform that empowers you to provide marketing solutions to local businesses under your brand. The Vendasta platform includes marketing and sales automation platform, a sales CRM and pipeline management tool, a full-suite of re-sellable digital marketing solutions, and more.

Vendasta is an exceptional HubSpot alternative, as it’s completely white-labeled and designed to help marketing service providers grow their business and ultimately drive local economies.

Vendasta is flawless & invisible. My clients have no idea (some) of my services are coming from a 3rd-party. Even more, the services are better than I could perform while handling my 50+ clients. Time is money. And Vendasta helps you save lots of time so you can focus on being creative and implementing new ideas in your business. Ryan W. (on G2 Crowd)

HubSpot Vs. Vendasta Reviews

A comparison of the two platforms based on HubSpot reviews and Vendasta reviews from *G2 Crowd.

*Data compiled May 31, 2018

Quality HubSpot Vendasta
Meets Requirements 8.7 8.9
Ease of Use 8.7 8.9
Ease of Setup 8.3 8.4
Ease of Admin 8.7 8.9
Quality of Support 8.9 9.6
Ease of Doing Business With 9 9.5
Product Direction (% Positive) 8.9 10
Fully White-Labeled No Yes

Platforms and Products Compared

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Both Vendasta and HubSpot offer CRMs that are designed to assist salespeople through the sales process, from prospecting all the way to the close. While HubSpot’s CRM is useful, their overall platform is not white-labeled or resellable. Additionally, the more contacts you have and emails you send, the higher your costs will be. In fact, users are automatically moved up to the next pricing tier (reflected on their next bill) if they exceed their contact or email limits. If you’re interested in selling a marketing platform along with managed marketing services all under your brand, Vendasta offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to compete directly with HubSpot.

Pricing Details

HubSpot’s CRM is free, but you need more to succeed as a marketer. They also offer a Free Sales CRM for individual salespeople, and a ‘Starter’ Sales CRM starting at $50/month with 1 user included and tools for larger sales teams. They also offer a ‘Professional’ level, which starts at $400/month, includes 5 users, and is designed for advanced sales teams.

HubSpot’s Marketing Automation and A/B Testing functionalities only become available at their ‘Marketing Professional’ subscription level, starting at $800 a month. This level comes with a limit of 1000 contacts and 100,000 emails (calculated by 10x the number of contacts). If you’re looking at pricing out HubSpot alternatives, Vendasta’s Marketing Automation and A/B testing functionalities are available at ALL subscription levels, along with unlimited users and emails.

HubSpot offers basic email and phone support, but for ongoing partner support and go-to-market strategies from designated representatives, agencies must enroll in the Hubspot Agency program (starting at $800/month) and purchase supplementary support add-ons. Our team at Vendasta offers ongoing tech support and a designated Business Development Representative at all subscription tiers. Plus, get personalized support from our Partner Success Managers starting at our ‘Pro’ subscription and above.

Feature Vendasta HubSpot
Contact database
Unlimited users and emails at any subscription tier
Import/export contacts
Track tasks, activities, and client interactions
Company insights
Email Campaign Automation with A/B Testing Functionality
Sales Pipeline Software
Prospect Activity Feed
Sales Manager Dashboard
Products (Business Center/Store)
Lead Notifications
Automated prospecting report (Snapshot Report)
Ongoing tech and partner support at any subscription level
Training resources
Access to the entire Vendasta platform
White-label and resellable

Social Media Solutions

Both HubSpot and Vendasta offer a tool for businesses to manage their social media presence. Both offer a single platform to schedule and publish posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Instagram. They also offer in-platform reporting and post engagement functionality. However, HubSpot’s social tool is just that–a DIY tool. For marketing service providers, HubSpot may not be an effective tool to scale services.

The HubSpot marketing platform is domain-based, so managing multiple clients is difficult. Managing the social media of multiple accounts requires separate HubSpot accounts for each client with signup, so this could become cumbersome and costly for your agency as you scale. Vendasta’s Concierge platform features a single sign-on and dashboard solution that you and your team can use to manage the fulfillment work across all accounts.

HubSpot also may not effectively help you or your clients address the greatest challenge with social media–developing engaging and original content on a consistent basis. Beyond our Social Marketing tool, Vendasta offers world-class, white-labeled, and fully managed social media services from an in-house team of experts. We deliver high-level services like social and blog creation for your clients, so you can focus your time and resources into what matters most–signing more clients, growing your business, and helping local economies.

Feature Vendasta HubSpot
Post scheduling to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Instagram
Lead generation
Direct customer post response
Analytics and reporting
Ready-to-post content library
Configurable notifications
Marketing services including: Social page builds, social page promotions, content creation, custom image creation, Pinterest posting, and Houzz posting
Marketplace solutions including: advanced reporting on dark social sharing, influencer marketing, and more
Concierge (single sign-on solution to manage tasks across multiple businesses))
Access to the entire Vendasta platform
White-label and resellable

Pricing Details: HubSpot Pricing Vs. Vendasta Pricing

HubSpot offers four pricing tiers beyond their free CRM. ‘Starter’ begins with 1,000 contacts at $50/month for solopreneurs. ‘Basic’ starts with 100 contacts at $200/month for small teams. ‘Professional’ starts with 1,000 contacts at $800/month for experienced teams. ‘Enterprise’ starts with 10,000 contacts at $2,400/month for advanced teams.

‘Social Media’, ‘blog and content creation tools’, and ‘SEO and Content Strategy’ become available at HubSpot’s ‘Marketing Basic’ subscription level, starting at $200/month.

Vendasta’s Social Marketing platform is available at any subscription level for $15/month per location. Marketing services are available at the Enterprise and Elite subscription levels.


Both HubSpot and Vendasta offer a website building and hosting solution for local businesses. Both offer DIY setup, analytics, one-click publishing, editing, SEO configuration, and more. However, the HubSpot platform is not white-labeled or rebrandable in any way. The Vendasta advantage for your agency is that you can resell Website Pro to your clients if they want a DIY builder and hosting solution. Furthermore, if you or your clients aren’t website developers or design experts, you can offer managed websites built by our highly skilled web team. Both Website Pro and managed Website Creation can become great potential sources of revenue for your agency.

The HubSpot Website Platform is domain-based, so you’ll be required to create separate HubSpot accounts for each client you have. This may not be a scalable workflow for you and your team in the long term. Comparatively, the Vendasta platform is a solid HubSpot alternative as it allows you to securely host and manage all of your client’s websites under one single sign-on.

Both the Vendasta and HubSpot marketing platforms offer ready-to-use design templates to help you get a high-quality website up and running quickly. However, Vendasta uses WordPress, which employs PHP, a common scripting language used by most CMS platforms, while HubSpot uses HubL, a proprietary coding language of HubSpot’s own design. When compared to PHP, HubL may not offer the level of customization that you or your clients are looking for.

Feature Vendasta HubSpot
DIY setup, imports, hosting
DIY site builder with ready-to-use templates
One-click publishing
Editing and backups
SEO configuration
Blogging tools
Appointment Booking
Messages (live chat)
Managed WordPress Hosting on the Google Cloud platform
Unlimited website views/visitors for all subscription tiers
White-labeled website creation services
Access to the entire Vendasta platform
White-label and resellable

Pricing Details

HubSpot’s Website Add-on becomes available at their Basic Subscription tier and up. The Basic subscription ($200 USD/month) plus Website Add-on ($100 USD) equals $300 USD at a minimum. One catch at this subscription tier is that the Add-On only allows for 3000 monthly website visits. If you go over this limit, you’ll be charged $300 USD instead of $100 USD for the month.
Conversely, Vendasta offers unlimited page views and visits for your websites at all subscription tiers.

HubSpot’s Professional tier ($800 USD/month plus a one-time onboarding fee of $3000 USD) and Enterprise tier ($2,400 USD/month plus a one-time onboarding fee of $5000 USD) include unlimited views/visitors. At these tiers, the Website Add-on is $300 USD per month. HubSpot does allow agencies to manage multiple websites via a single portal (multiple websites for a single business, not multiple businesses), however, the functionality is only available at the Enterprise subscription. For comparison, Vendasta offers agencies the ability to manage multiple websites for multiple businesses at any subscription tier.


Vendasta and HubSpot both have robust marketplaces of digital solutions for businesses. The major difference between Vendasta and Hubspot is that the Vendasta marketplace is wholesale and re-sellable, with many white-label solutions, whereas HubSpot is all branded and difficult to resell. Vendasta’s Marketplace offers solutions for both local businesses and their marketing service providers, and is built to help small businesses succeed and help marketing service providers to diversify their revenue.

HubSpot offers many useful integrations but is lacking in content creation and managed services. Most of the apps and integrations available in the HubSpot marketing library are DIY tools. Conversely, the Vendasta Marketplace is an excellent HubSpot alternative as it features solutions from DIY apps to fully managed-services in marketing categories like social, websites, video, and SEO.

Feature Vendasta HubSpot
Store builder - customizable library of products and packages you sell.
3rd party DIY tool integrations
DIY apps and tools
DIFM/Managed services
White-labeled store branding
Email notifications for interested business prospects
Sales resources and marketing collateral
Prebuilt campaigns

Pros and Cons of Hubspot

HubSpot Pros:


  • Easy to use. HubSpot is designed for marketers and salespeople. The platform offers clear and understandable tools and features. Plus, the support team is available for assistance and there is plenty of online training available to help users get the most out of the platform. It allows you to focus on creating more professional content without worrying about tech details of the website management process


  • Full suite of tools. The software offers a complete suite of marketing automation tools, including email automation, social publishing, leads database, CRM, reporting and analytics, calls-to-action builder, blog publishing, website CMS, and much more. The tools integrate well with each other, making it easy to see how they work in concert, plus the analytics to measure results.


  • Learning resources. One of HubSpot’s points of focus is providing access to a wealth of learning and training resources. The platform includes lots of training and certifications that are helpful for both beginners and experienced marketers. This includes resources for teams that want to write blogs, eBooks, send out personalized emails and other tasks all on the same platform.


  • Integrations. HubSpot can integrate with most other online tools. While there are many native integrations, such as Salesforce and Zapier, that allow you to easily sync up with many common tools, HubSpot’s open API integration can be done fairly easily.


  • 30-day free trial. With high setup fees and a 12-month contract, the prospect of signing with HubSpot can feel intimidating for many marketers. The 30-day free trial takes the sting out of these obstacles by giving you time to get a true feel for HubSpot’s solutions before you commit long-term.

HubSpot Cons:


  • CRM and marketing solutions aren’t white-labeled. While HubSpot’s CRM is useful, their overall platform is not white-labeled or resellable. This means you will receive inconsistent branding. Offering digital marketing products or services under another brand’s name confuses your customers and could cause them to lose trust in your business. Plus, HubSpot sells their platform directly to businesses, which means they’re competing with you for clients!


  • Hefty onboarding fees. HubSpot charges an onboarding fee ranging from $600 to $6,000, depending on which plan you choose. This is an expense that many businesses don’t plan for upfront.


  • Some key features aren’t included with the Basic or Pro plan. HubSpot’s Marketing Automation and A/B Testing functionalities only become available at their ‘Marketing Professional’ subscription level, starting at $800 a month.


  • Difficult to scale services for marketing service providers. The HubSpot platform is domain-based, so managing multiple clients can be difficult. Managing multiple accounts for services like social media requires separate HubSpot accounts for each client, which is not an efficient process for agencies looking to scale.


  • Lacks content creation and managed services solutions. Most of the apps and integrations available in the HubSpot library are DIY tools. Conversely, the Vendasta Marketplace features solutions from DIY apps to fully managed-services in marketing categories like social, websites, video, and SEO.


  • Requires a 12-month contract. Hubspot’s Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, and Enterprise contracts are billed annually by default. While truly evaluating the effectiveness of a CRM should take time, it would be preferable to have a rolling month-on-month contract.


At the end of the day, both Vendasta and HubSpot offer robust tools for digital marketing and sales. However, while HubSpot sells direct to small businesses, Vendasta is built for marketing service providers to rebrand and resell to clients—equipped with the smart sales tools, content, and automation providers needed to do so and to scale.

While HubSpot is a great solution for business management, Vendasta is optimized for management and growth.

**Disclaimer: This comparison is based on information that is publicly available. If something is inaccurate, please contact us to review and update.**

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