Go-to-market playbook: How to sell, go to market, and make money with Vendasta

10 Tools to empower your success with Vendasta

Download 10 comprehensive sales tools and assets in this go-to-market (GTM) playbook that will take you on a complete journey with Vendasta to show you exactly how you can sell, make money, and go to market fast with our products, services, and platform. We also include rebrandable sales decks and templates you can use with prospects, so you can start selling ASAP.

Vendasta platform guide

1. The Vendasta Platform guide

Take an impactful tour of our platform’s core capabilities and features.

2. Vendasta Marketplace product catalog

An overview of all the digital products and services you can resell with Vendasta, in one convenient place.

3. Vendasta economic advantage calculator

Download our calculator and discover exactly how much money you can save by switching to Vendasta.

4. Setting you up for success with Vendasta: the 5 Ps of profitability

Discover the five foundations of repeatable growth with Vendasta. This winning strategy will put you on the path to success as a new partner.

5. How to prospect with Vendasta

Learn to leverage Vendasta’s data-driven recipe for turning prospects into clients.

6. How to package digital products with Vendasta

Discover Vendasta’s product and service bundles and learn how to sell them using tips and strategies from our most-successful partners.

7. How to sell digital marketing services at scale with Vendasta

Discover how you can easily scale your agency by reselling Vendasta’s value-add marketing services.

8. Rebrandable product and service bundles deck

Customize and present this rebrandable deck to clients to easily sell the value of bundles and get buy-in right away.

9. Rebrandable street-level sales deck

Our million-dollar street-level sales deck is a rebrandable deck that makes it easy to start selling our products and services to local businesses. Simply customize it and close more clients.

10. Rebrandable marketing services sales deck

Customize and present this rebrandable sales deck to easily resell Vendasta’s marketing services to prospects and existing clients, and drive more revenue quickly.

Realize your agency’s full potential and implement a repeatable, scalable sales process with Vendasta’s go-to-market playbook.

Our suite of GTM playbook resources gives you a clear path forward with Vendasta, starting on day one.

Become empowered to sell, go to market, and make money with Vendasta

Our tools and resources will get you started.

Frequently asked questions


What is a go-to-market playbook?

A GTM playbook provides all the key components that will help your business go to market, so you can start selling to local businesses and making money quickly. From tried-and-true prospecting strategies to customizable pitch decks to enable your sales conversations, a GTM playbook ensures you’re prepared to engage with prospects and sell more effectively.

What is a B2B go-to-market strategy?

A B2B go-to-market strategy enables businesses to bring their products and services to their target audience. In this case, that audience is other businesses. The strategy details everything the business needs to know and do to go to market, including target markets, positioning and messaging, and competitive analyses.

What is the purpose of a playbook?

The purpose of a go-to-market playbook is to support and enable a business’s GTM strategy. It provides strategies, tools, and materials that help businesses start selling their products and services to the right people at the right place and at the right time.

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