Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More
Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More

Email marketing

Send emails that provide value to local businesses

Email marketing should be easy.
Now it is.

Email marketing is a lot of work. That’s why Vendasta provides premade campaigns built specifically to target local businesses. The best part? We leverage the solutions you sell to provide personalized insights to every prospect, delivering high engagement and better results.

Generate emails packed with value

With a few clicks, create and deliver Snapshot reports to your prospects that reveal critical information about their online presence.

Kickstart tailored campaigns

Create custom campaigns or use the ones we’ve already developed to target local businesses with solutions you offer.

Track every engagement

Dig into analytics to track email performance and alert your sales team of hot leads based on campaign engagement.

Deliver irresistible insights

Every local business is unique, and the way you communicate with them should be too.

  • Leverage online data about the businesses you’re targeting to create highly personalized assessments (see Snapshot reports)
  • Send businesses their detailed assessments and show them how they’re performing online
  • Experience higher open and click-through rates by providing relevant insights that businesses don’t know about themselves, including online reviews, social mentions, listings accuracy and more.

Launch campaigns in minutes, not months

  • Upload all of your contacts and assign them to pre-built nurture campaigns
  • Tweak the content of the emails or create your own from scratch
  • Schedule a launch time or fire away and start getting hot-lead notifications as soon as your contacts interact with their messages

Monitor trends and track your performance

  • See which emails are opened and which products prospects are considering
  • Use analytics to measure engagement and create nurture strategies
  • Receive real-time engagement alerts for quick follow-ups in our pipeline management system

Terry Barnes, CEO, Nusani Media

“Vendasta’s platform allows us to provide everything our clients need to master their online marketing. We’ve gained market share and increased customer retention to over 97%.”

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Bottom line: What’s the ROI?

lift in digital revenue

Combining marketing automation with our pipeline management system has lead to 10X growth in digital revenue for many agencies.

campaign click-throughs

Every campaign contains juicy information for local businesses about their online presence, sparking incredible engagement.

increase in conversion

Instant alerts and immediate follow-ups with prospects have been shown to increase the chances of converting leads by 900%.

Create a personalized email report for one of your prospects

Want a taste of the content that powers our email campaigns? Go ahead and generate a sample Snapshot report of a client or a prospect you’re interested in. Find out how their business appears online and highlight your addressable opportunities:

  • Are their business listings accurate?
  • What directories they should be listed on?
  • How do customers feel about them?
  • How does their business compare to industry standards?
  • Is their activity on social media effective?
  • How do they stack up against their direct competitors?
  • Do they use search engine marketing as well as others in the field?

Enter their information to get started.
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