Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More
Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More

Content Marketing

Personalized content marketing that makes connecting with local businesses a breeze

Content marketing. Now automated for local.

Great content is crucial for great marketing. Unfortunately, content marketing is expensive, time consuming, and difficult to pull off for small businesses. Our system delivers hyper-relevant campaigns to your local business prospects and lowers your costs dramatically. You’ll be able to educate, nurture and close SMBs with personalized reports built just for them.

The Snapshot Tool

Drive higher conversions with personalized content

Content is the heart of content marketing. Stop sending your clients generic stats and studies and provide them with information about their business.

Educate local businesses about digital solutions

Giving your clients a summary of their online presence allows you to identify areas of improvement and products that can help.

Provide a free analysis packed with value

The secret to successful content marketing is providing valuable content so useful that people would pay for it. Consider it done.

Generate reports with as little as a business name

We’re able to create robust digital marketing assessments with as little as a business name or phone number. As long as you have one of those data points, you’re ready to start generating the rich content seen here.

Pro tips for sales:

  • Dig up rich content about a prospect’s presence before meeting with them
  • Brand these reports for your company and sales reps
  • Improve your sales strategy with a consultative selling approach

Show local businesses how they score on listings, reviews and social

Almost all SMBs have listings, reviews and social activity. Show them where they’re excelling, where they’re underperforming and—most importantly—how you can help.

If they do poorly, you can help them improve. If they do well, their current workload must be overwhelming and you can help them save time!

Pro tips for sales:
Customize the report’s editable sections to explain why each area is crucial for your prospect’s success.

You’ll build credibility as a thought leader, come prepared with research and be able to discuss your solutions in a prescriptive manner.

Grade your prospects’ websites

Show your prospect what their website looks like on mobile and desktop. Grade its performance and tell them how they stack up against industry averages and how they can improve.

Fun fact: If your agency created the website, you can disable this and focus on other areas.

Pro tips for sales:
For local businesses doing SEM, give them a breakdown of their paid performance. For those that aren’t, inform them why it’s important and how you can help.

Kickstart campaigns in minutes

From creation to activation, it takes less than 10 minutes to start an automated marketing campaign that features the Snapshot report.

Pro tips for sales:
With our bulk upload, you can prospect hundreds of local businesses in minutes. Contact past clients that have gone cold or existing clients that have room to improve.You can also prospect new clients by uploading a list of businesses you want to reach out to.

Create a personalized email report for one of your prospects

Want a taste of the content that powers our email campaigns? Go ahead and generate a sample Snapshot report of a client or a prospect you’re interested in. Find out how their business appears online and highlight your addressable opportunities:

  • Are their business listings accurate?
  • What directories they should be listed on?
  • How do customers feel about them?
  • How does their business compare to industry standards?
  • Is their activity on social media effective?
  • How do they stack up against their direct competitors?
  • Do they use search engine marketing as well as others in the field?

Enter their information to get started.
(We’ll only email you.)

Bottom line: What’s the ROI?

lift in digital revenue

Combining marketing automation with our pipeline management system has lead to 10X growth in digital revenue for many agencies.

campaign click-throughs

Every campaign contains juicy information for local businesses about their online presence, sparking incredible engagement.

increase in conversion

Instant alerts and immediate follow-ups with prospects have been shown to increase the chances of converting leads by 900%.

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