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Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads

Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads

Highly targeted dynamic ads for car dealerships, driving traffic to vehicle detail page.

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Managed service: Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads inserts viewed vehicles into targeted ads for users with shown intent to buy a new vehicle. When clicked on, our dynamic ads take Facebook users to the dealer’s vehicle page rather than defaulting to a general info or home page. Dynamic ads places your client’s dealership at the top of mind for potential customers, while allowing dealers to enter sales conversations with people who are already looking at a specific vehicle.

Showcase an auto client's inventory on Facebook. Target specific customers for high conversion rates.


Vehicle inventory information (make, model, condition, age, VIN, and more) is updated daily and is based on data pulled directly from the dealers’ website, so dynamic ads are always using the latest information to reflect the real inventory of the dealership!

With the Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads service, our digital advertising experts will build and launch a three-month advertising campaign for your clients. Reporting is included and offers a detailed breakdown of available vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and their current status (available or sold), along with up-to-date statistics on every click or unique click (click from a unique device). This information will give you and your clients invaluable insight into the results of the campaign and relevant consumer behavior in their market!

Key Selling Points for Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads

  • Facebook boasts 2.13 billion monthly active users, and this user base represents an exciting opportunity for advertisers to reach new markets and customers.
  • On average, people access Facebook up to 8 times per day. Give your clients the opportunity to capitalize on this high level of online traffic!
  • Users tend to spend more time browsing a page when they click on dynamic ads that lead to a specific vehicle listing (92 seconds), compared to static ads that lead to a general page (31 seconds).
  • The bounce rates for dynamic ads (42.71%) are lower when compared to static ads (80.56%). Dynamic ads display vehicle listings that Facebook users are already interested in, so they’re much more likely to engage with those pages!
  • We are reaching people at the bottom of the purchase funnel by re-targeting them with a vehicle they browsed on your client's website.

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