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Instantly create, send,
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Grow your business by creating effective proposals in minutes, giving you more time to build client relationships and establish a repeatable, scalable sales process.


Spend time building relationships, not proposals


Sell more with less

Expand your client base in less time, with fewer staff, and just one login.


Seal deals fast

Explain the value of your offering with content created by the vendors of the best-in-class solutions you’re selling.


Automate the tedium

Never miss out on another opportunity due to the burden of administrative requirements.

Scale with abandon

Pull your prospects and products into proposals with a single click, and watch your branding pre-populate. Full integration with Sales & Success Center and Marketplace makes creating, sending, and managing proposals a breeze. Serve more customers without increasing overhead, admin, or logistics.

Propose and close from the comfort of your own platform

Proposals sent from your Vendasta platform can be fulfilled and billed in the same place through a seamless transition to Billing and Task Manager. Connected to your CRM, marketing, and more, Proposal Builder is a seamless addition to your stack.

Break free from administrative tasks

Don’t let data entry and transactional processes hold you back. Status notifications, automated order and invoice creation, and integration with Task Manager reduce the administrative strain of closing new business, leaving more time to deliver the experience and results that keep your clients coming back.

Expedite your sales cycle.

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Everything you need to expedite your sales cycle



Deepen brand consistency and credibility by sending your proposals with your logo, color scheme, and company details, all populated from your account.

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Product & pricing integration

Pull products and packages from your marketplace right into the product table, complete with your pricing to save time and ensure product details are accurate.

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Custom templates

Build once, use forever. Whether you create a proposal from scratch or start with one of our ready-to-go templates, any proposal, page, or widget can be saved as a template for future use.
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Direct communication

Create, send, and communicate with the recipient without leaving the platform. Recipients can comment on the proposal, and you can respond to address any questions or clarifications needed.

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Activity & status tracking

Turn prospects into customers in no time with real-time notifications that let you know as soon as a proposal has been viewed, commented on, or approved.

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Order automation

Focus on delivering value to your new customer immediately. Upon proposal approval, the order is automatically processed and ready to be billed and fulfilled.

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Build your brand

Present your products and services to prospective clients with your own branding to strengthen consistency and credibility.
  • See your logo auto-populate
  • Easily pull in your company details with variable fields
  • Customize color scheme and styling on a blank canvas or template

Product & pricing integration

Integrate your products & pricing

Full integration with your Marketplace means the products that will best meet your clients’ needs can be assembled in a clear, consistent format in just a few clicks.
  • Select any products or packages in your Marketplace—Vendasta, third-party, or custom—via dropdown menus
  • Rest assured that pricing is accurate. Custom prices set in your Marketplace will carry through
  • Save commonly proposed product tables as templates for easy insertion in future proposals

Custom templates

Customize templates

Use our templates as a starting point or create your own and watch your proposal creation time get increasingly shorter.
  • Save any proposal, page, or widget as a template to quickly re-use over and over
  • Get started with our library of ready-to-go templates available to customize or use as is
  • Paste in your own proposal content from Google Docs or another external source, and the formatting will be preserved

Direct communication

Communicate directly

Make it easy for your prospective client to ask for clarification and for you to respond with the commenting column within the document view.
  • Respond promptly and never miss a question with the help of real-time notifications
  • Stay organized—comments are made, stored, and shown right within the proposal, eliminating confusion when juggling multiple prospects

Activity & status tracking

Track actions & status updates

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your active proposals with real-time notifications.
  • Know as soon as a proposal has been viewed, commented on, or approved with in-app and email notifications
  • Act promptly when a proposal needs attention to see it through to successful closure

Order automation

Automate ordering

Expedite the sales cycle and reel the revenue in sooner with an order that’s ready to go as soon as a proposal is approved.
  • Orders are auto-drafted with the products included in a proposal
  • Upon client approval of the proposal, the order is confirmed and ready to be billed
  • Integration with Task Manager swiftly gets fulfilment started

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What is proposal management software?

Proposal software enables users to streamline the process of writing, managing, and sending proposals to prospects and clients. Proposal software features a document builder interface that makes high-quality proposals easy to build.

Why should I use proposal software?

Proposal software helps sales teams to create visually appealing proposals with little effort. Vendasta’s Proposal Builder comes preloaded with many templates for any use case. Do you need a proposal template for pitching a client on SEO services? Website creation? Social media marketing? We’ve got it.

What should a proposal include?

Depending on the use case, a successful proposal might include the following elements:

  • Cover page
  • Introductory letter
  • Proposal executive summary
  • Customer challenges and/or goals
  • Your approach/solution
  • Project deliverables
  • Project milestones
  • Budget/Your Investment
  • About us/team
  • Time management
  • Case studies/testimonials
  • Clients/references
  • Terms/conditions/next steps

What are the benefits of proposal software?

Proposal software helps save time through the use of templates. Vendasta’s Proposal Builder is uniquely able to streamline your workflow by integrating with all of your agency management software such as your CRM, marketing automations, and project management software.

Who uses proposal software?

Proposal software is primarily used by sales and marketing teams. These teams are often the ones who must effectively communicate the value of a company’s services and offerings, and in doing so, they must respond to RFPs with effective answers. Proposal software allows teams to collaborate in real time on a proposal, which allows everyone to add their expertise.

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