Vendasta, the #1 platform for agencies and media companies selling digital solutions to local businesses, was named Street Fight Magazine’s Local Visionary for Best Marketing Campaigns for their product at the Street Fight Summit, held in New York on October 25, 2016.

The program’s Best Marketing Campaign category was created to recognize the most successful tactics and messaging used in bringing products to market and reaching key customers. It focuses on the most creative approaches and those which produce the most effective results.

Vendasta’s award-winning Snapshot Report

Vendasta’s winning marketing campaign was based on the approach and success metrics that have been achieved using intelligent prospecting data through their Snapshot Report. Vendasta’s Snapshot Report brings together relevant information about a local business’ marketing performance and then signals a salesperson when that business indicates they are interested in a solution.

For the sales team of one of Vendasta’s partners, Swift Communications, leveraging the Vendasta approach enabled them to go back to their customers with new solutions, and ultimately realize over a 1500% increase in the number of accounts they were able to contact about digital solutions.

Kelly Geary, Digital Product Manager at Swift Communications, said, “Using the Snapshot Report and using Vendasta’s campaigns we have been able to reach a segment of businesses that we haven’t talked to about digital solutions—or perhaps we have in the past and the trail went cold.”

Vendasta’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Tomlin, is excited to have been recognized for such a prestigious award, and stresses the importance of the solution for agencies and media companies, adding, “Business owners are bombarded with calls from local marketing agencies. Those agencies who are standing out are those who are shifting from loud and aggressive selling to a paradigm of being helpful first, and we have made this our mission. By leveraging data with the Snapshot Report, we help them completely transform the outbound sales and marketing to deliver inbound results.”



Find out more about Snapshot Reports, watch the Swift Communications case study video or read the blog post “20 Email Marketing Campaigns that Hit the Mark” to find out more about how to perfect your marketing campaigns.

About Vendasta

Vendasta’s platform helps digital agencies and media companies sell digital marketing solutions to local businesses. Through this platform, Vendasta provides white label reputation management, social media marketing and local listings management while integrating with third party applications to offer a complete solution for any local business. Vendasta offers online presence management that helps agencies scale their clients from DIY to Do It For Me to Do It With Me™ services. For more information, visit Vendasta’s system supports both multi-location brands and local businesses.