This press release first appeared on PR Web this morning. 

SASKATOON, SK (February 6, 2017) – Vendasta, the #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses, unveiled its new Marketplace solution which is available today for general release. Marketplace is a brand new way that agencies can browse, select and effectively package and sell digital products that have been developed by third parties.

Vendasta’s Marketplace is aiming to revolutionize how agencies go to market with relevant offerings that their customers want. Similar to how the app store connects people looking for solutions with everything they need in one place, Marketplace provides instant access to all of the solutions an agency can take to market — all in one place, available with one login. Going one step further, Marketplace enables the agency to provision the solution as their own and gives them the collateral and automated tools to prospect and sell them effectively.

This new way to incorporate products into their portfolio completely changes the game for agencies who do not want to deal with their own product development cycles, virtually eliminating risk while providing scalable solutions that are on-brand for each agency. Once a Marketplace solution is enabled, Vendasta’s intent-based sales and marketing automation tools provide capabilities for agencies to acquire, retain and grow their market. This Marketplace video offers a deeper look into the offering.

An early preview of Marketplace was provided to a sold-out audience at VendastaCon, Vendasta’s inaugural conference that was held in Austin, Texas on January 25 and 26. During the unveil, Vendasta’s General Manager and Executive Vice President of Marketplace, Ed O’Keefe, walked through the features and connected the dots on how it works. O’Keefe crystalized how Marketplace works in context with Vendasta’s smart campaigns and with the Local Marketing Index, which provides on-going proof of performance, tracking and prescription to enable its users to continually get better results from them.

“The launch of Marketplace delivers a new and critical strategic asset to our partners. The Marketplace solves for long protracted go-to-market cycles and slow sales ramp times. As we continue to onboard new world-class vendors, our Partners are now able to execute fast new product launches and deliver incremental revenue streams for their organizations. It is truly a first-of-its-kind solution, and we are so excited to invite new vendors and partners into it,” said O’Keefe.

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