Ukraine is under siege. As of writing this, more than 500,000 Ukrainian people have fled to other countries. Others are hiding in bunkers and basements. It’s hard to conceive that early last week, those same people were attending school, playing soccer, and picking up a coffee on their way to the office.

This conflict is 7,740 kilometres from where I sit now, but it feels much closer to home. More than 15 percent of our headquarter province’s population can trace their heritage back to Ukraine. For some people among us (both in Saskatchewan and beyond), this war is directly affecting family and friends.

We have a part to play in supporting an otherwise peaceful and democratic country. After all, Vendasta exists to support local businesses around the world. The ability to own and operate a local business without the violence of war or political interference are privileges that people in Ukraine are robbed of today.

Vendasta stands with the people of Ukraine and denounces the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. We have made a donation to support the Canadian Red Cross’s Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, and are matching all Vendastian donations up to $100 to this and other registered charities appealing for assistance.

On Thursday, Vendastians are invited to wear yellow and blue in support of those affected by this conflict.

Слава Україні.

Brendan King
CEO of Vendasta