VendAsta adds Social Marketing to its white label Reputation and Presence Management platform and remodels how people think of social media ROI.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – April 15, 2013: VendAsta Technologies officially announces the launch of Social Marketing, a new tool that will allow its partners to bring real ROI on social media management for local businesses.

Eschewing the traditional paid advertisements approach, VendAsta’s tool will allow businesses to identify opportunities for establishing strong relationships between a brand and its potential customers.

“Never before have people been able to declare an intent to purchase the way they do now on social media,” said Brendan King, CEO of VendAsta. “This represents a massive opportunity for local businesses to identify strong leads and convert them, and that is exactly what Social Marketing is designed to help them achieve.”

Generating leads is one of the three core steps implemented in Social Marketing, the other two being posting interesting content and building a loyal fan base. However, rather than giving local businesses a complicated tool to deal with on their own, Social Marketing adopts a different approach.

“There are a number of ‘Do It For Me’ or ‘Do It Yourself’ type of solutions out there on the market. However, the former tend to take away the authenticity of a brand’s interaction with its customers, and the latter are often too complicated and confusing for a local business to implement on their own,” said Devon Hennig, Product Owner of the new Social Marketing tool. “That is why we decided to go with a unique ‘Do It With Me’ approach.”

This approach would allow partners to walk a local business through a step-by-step process that is easy to follow. After the local business has mastered it, they can use the tool on their own, thus bringing a much-needed order to the confusion a small business often encounters when dealing with the fragmented world of social media for the first time.

“Most of the time, social media gets mired in a lot of jargon and convoluted metrics. We wanted to cut out as much fuzzy lingo as possible and focus on speaking the same language that small and medium businesses do. They understand concepts like customer service, leads, and building fans, so that’s how we focused the entire platform.” Hennig further added.

Social Marketing has been in beta since November and available to select partners for testing. Starting today, Social Marketing will be officially available to all partners, old and new. Support material will also be included so that partners can start selling Social Marketing immediately.

Interested parties can find more information and sign up for a full demo at

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