New integration allows SMB client to connect QuickBooks account to ‘single app of truth’

October 6, 2020 (Saskatoon, CANADA) – Vendasta channel partners can now offer their small and medium business (SMB) clients the ability to connect their QuickBooks Online accounts to Business App.

With the addition of QuickBooks Online to the Vendasta Marketplace, partners can provide their SMB clients with more insights than ever—all from a single end-to-end ecommerce Business App dashboard.

Starting now, an SMB with a connected QuickBooks Online account may access the accounting software through the same app where they manage other critical parts of their business. They will be able to see their profit and expenses reflected as part of their Executive Report, alongside other valuable metrics covering website traffic, advertising, SEO, digital listings, social media, reputation management, and more.

“By adding accounting to our Business App, both brick and mortar and ecommerce businesses are able to use the app as their primary operating system,” said Ed O’Keefe, GM/EVP of the Vendasta Marketplace. “Some of the most critical metrics for any business are profit and expenses, and we’re now able to provide businesses with accounting insights right alongside other marketing and advertising performance metrics.”

With the QuickBooks Online integration for Business App, partners can improve SMB client retention. The integration allows SMBs to:
• Track income & expenses: Import transactions, sort tax categories, and link photo receipts.
• Invoice & accept payments: Accept credit cards, send payment reminders, and customize invoices.
• Run reports: Such as profit and loss, expenses, and balance sheets.


“Small and medium businesses shouldn’t have to deal with complicated billing and logins to manage the digital needs of their business, and we’re aiming to help them simplify and succeed against big competition,” said Vendasta CEO Brendan King. “We provide the local experts around the world—our partners—with the ability to help local businesses using our white-label platform and tools. It is truly an end-to-end ecommerce experience.”

Learn how partners are connecting QuickBooks Online accounts for their SMB clients.


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