Today, I’m stoked to announce that Vendasta has hit Deloitte’s Fast 50 list of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada!

Officially, we landed at #33 with 262% growth over the past four years. In the early years of our business, our revenue came solely through consulting efforts. We were really operating two businesses; the consulting arm kept our lights on, while the product team built our future with the help of a $3 million round of seed funding. When we launched our initial reputation management platform in 2010, the majority of our revenue in 2011-2012 derived from software development consulting services. Today, our sole focus is our local platform, and it drives 100% of our revenues and demands all of our attention. Had we been measured by revenue growth of our core products, we would have displaced Hootsuite at #7 on this list with 1,936% growth! But as Deloitte measures total business revenue, we’re proud to occupy spot 33.

I couldn’t be prouder of the effort our team has put forth over the past few years. Today we have over 400 digital agencies and large media institutions using our platform to sell to—and serve—350,000 local businesses. The number of these 400 channel partners rather understates the reach we’ve achieved, as some of these individual partners own dozens (or even hundreds) of media properties across North America. When you add it all up, we have several thousand institutions using our platform to serve the marketing needs of local business owners.

Today, we’re focused on simplifying the sales and marketing process so it’s easier for agencies to sell their services in a complex digital landscape, and we’re making it easier for local businesses to understand what they need. We’re expecting this next year to be a hell of a ride. A great big thanks to all of our customers who have helped us become a better service provider, and a great big thanks to the whole Vendasta team that makes it happen day in and day out.