Freemium versions of key digital martech products drive sales and retention

Nov. 4, 2019 (Saskatoon, CANADA) – Vendasta partners can now unlock a freemium suite of foundational martech products to help drive their local business clients’ success.

The newly launched Express Products cover the most important digital presence management solutions for small and medium businesses, such as reputation management, advertising, social media, and listings – the key tools a local business needs to succeed and gain customers. The new freemium digital products are available for activation individually and as part of a recommended package in the Vendasta Marketplace at low to no cost to partners.

Once activated, the products appear in a partner client’s Business App, which allows the business to test drive the effectiveness of key solutions on their own terms before they commit to a purchase. The launch follows a successful pilot program undertaken by Vendasta this fall.

“As consumers we expect to try things before we buy, and we are now witnessing the consumerization of B2B software,” said Vendasta’s Chief Strategy Officer Jacqueline Cook. “In fact, three out of four B2B buyers want to self-educate to learn about products.”

“Based on the feedback we heard from our partners over the years, we’ve developed this go-to-market strategy to allow our partners to demonstrate value and to see who’s interested in taking the next step with digital.”

Vendasta recently tested the Express Products with select partners. Those who participated saw an average of more than 12 percent of their business clients upgrade to paid products in a few short weeks.

“This is all about equipping our partners with better tools to help their small business clients succeed with digital. By gaining value through a lightweight foundational suite of solutions, their clients can try before they commit to anything in a self-service way,” said Cook.

A Vendasta study found that partners who sold two products to their local business clients increased their retention to 30 percent after two years. Three products increased retention to nearly 50 percent, and four solutions grew retention by 80 percent.

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Vendasta is a software company that builds a platform for helping local businesses with their digital needs. Sold exclusively through channel partners — including agencies, broadcasters, publishers, banks, telecoms, and more — the Vendasta platform enables sales professionals to brand it as their own and provide re-sellable products and services to local businesses around the world. Vendasta has been named one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Canada and one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte. It has also been listed on Canadian Business Magazine’s Growth 500 for four consecutive years. For more information, visit

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