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Saskatoon, SK, June 17, 2016 — Vendasta Technologies, the #1 platform for agencies and media companies selling digital solutions to local businesses, announces today the release of Listing Sync—a solution that allows local businesses to quickly create, update and maintain online business listings.

The accuracy and consistency of business listings is critical – not only does it make a business more attractive to Google, but it also ensures potential customers have the information they need to interact with and buy from the business. The problem is that local business owners often do not have the time or knowledge to manage their business listings. Vendasta’s Listing Sync solution enables business owners to efficiently control their listings on 40+ reputable sites from a single dashboard.

The extensive list of sites includes search engines, social networks and business directories, such as Bing, Instagram and Manta, as well as popular navigation systems like Audi, Ford and Toyota. Furthermore, local businesses can instantly sync to Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare for no extra fee.

Vendasta’s Listing Sync allows local businesses to make quick changes to their hours of operation and contact information on-demand from one single source of truth. The service also continually protects listings from unwanted changes by third parties, which are commonplace in the listings ecosystem.

Brendan King, CEO of Vendasta, says “For local businesses, there are four pillars of an online reputation—reputation management, social, website and listings. Establishing each of those pillars by building foundational solutions has been key to our partners’ success,” says Brendan King, CEO of Vendasta. “The listings ecosystem is extremely difficult to navigate, but local businesses who get it right reap the rewards. Listing Sync helps more businesses get it right.”

Ultimately, Listing Sync saves local business owners hours of manually creating, updating and monitoring their listings while establishing a consistent presence across the internet—a critical component of an effective digital marketing strategy.

The listings ecosystem is complex—listing sites often reference each other’s data and third parties can manipulate listings without warning. As such, one approach is often not enough. That is why Vendasta’s partners can pair Listing Sync with Listing Distribution—a service that fixes listing data on the four major data aggregators who are responsible for distributing information to over 300 online directories. This approach helps guarantee listing accuracy in as many places as possible, solidifying Vendasta’s position as the most comprehensive listings management provider on the market.

Learn more about Vendasta’s Listing Sync.

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