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SASKATOON, SK (September 28, 2017) – Vendasta, the leading platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses, announced today their integration of Google AdWords into their revolutionary Snapshot Report. AdWords is the largest and most widely used online advertising network worldwide.

Millions of businesses advertise online using Google AdWords to reach new customers and grow their business. With Google AdWords, businesses can display their ads precisely when people are searching for the things that they offer.

With the addition of Google AdWords keyword data in Vendasta’s Snapshot Report, businesses can target their digital advertising to the type of customers they want. They can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they’re searching for their products or services. The integration of Google AdWords keyword data into the Snapshot Report, an award-winning digital assessment tool, will give business a quick look into the new business they could generate from AdWords advertising efforts. The Snapshot Report will show top keywords for a business based on their industry, location, services, and more, as well as the number of impressions and clicks they have the potential to reach in their local area.

Vendasta’s Snapshot report is one of the most powerful prospecting tools in digital media. It easily attracts prospects with a personalized analysis of their business’ virtual doorway by grading their online presence, from their online reputation to their social media presence, and more. It’s a personalized report that shows how a business looks online. It compares a business’ online presence to others in the industry and signals which ones are interested in digital solutions.

Swift Communications, a Vendasta partner, saw a 1500% increase in the number of accounts they were able to contact about digital solutions since they started using Snapshot Report. Kelly Geary, Digital Product Manager at Swift Communications, said, “Using the Snapshot Report and using Vendasta’s campaigns we have been able to reach a segment of businesses that we haven’t talked to about digital solutions—or perhaps we have in the past and the trail went cold.”

With the integration of new Google AdWords data, agencies will now be able to seamlessly integrate data-backed insights on digital advertising solutions into their sales pitches for local businesses, and help their clients get found online.

Brendan King, Vendasta’s CEO says, “The goal of our local marketing report, which we call Snapshot, is to show a business owner that they have a need and to show them where their local marketing problems are.

With the Snapshot Report, we are using broad data about a business’s online footprint to compile needs-based recommendations and solutions. By integrating Google AdWords with our Snapshot Report, we are providing agencies with a powerful tool to help local businesses get found first in the competitive digital space. The future of local marketing is being helpful first.”

Vendasta’s Snapshot Report is gaining international recognition from the Marketing Technology community, having recently won the 2016 Streetfight Local Visionary Award for Best Marketing Campaign for a Product.

Learn more about Vendasta’s Snapshot Report.

Vendasta is the #1 platform for agencies selling digital solutions to local businesses. By offering a Marketplace of re-sellable products and services and an automated marketing system, agencies are empowered to acquire, retain, and grow their client base. Over 1,100 resellers use the Vendasta platform to sell to 670,000 local businesses around the world. Vendasta has been named one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Canada and one of the top 500 fastest growing in North America by Deloitte the past two years in a row. Vendasta has also been listed on the Canadian Business Magazine’s Profit 500 for the second year running. For more information, visit https://www.vendasta.com.

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