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June 10, 2016

Vendasta Employee Count Grows Over 200 with Focus on Platform Innovation

Saskatoon, SK —Vendasta Technologies, the #1 platform for agencies and media companies selling digital solutions to local businesses, reports today that it has nearly doubled its employee count so far in 2016 and expects to continue growing at a moderate pace through the remainder of the year.

This rapid expansion from 105 employees in 2015 to its current capacity of 207 employees recently earned Vendasta recognition, being awarded the SABEX award in the Growth and Expansion category. The SABEX program recognizes businesses in Saskatoon who have fueled growth and expansion of markets, physical locations and/or number of employees, while increasing revenues, investments and/or profits.

With the company’s focus on creating a sustainable framework for rapid expansion, they have stacked their leadership team with a tour-de-force of individuals across all areas of the company, with particular emphasis on growth and business operations. VP of Growth, Jacqueline Cook, plays a pivotal role as one of the company’s key change agents who ensures that Vendasta’s vision for growth is governed with the right measure of agility and alignment among people, processes and best practices.

“It’s an exciting time. Our partners are seeing tremendous growth with the Vendasta platform, and we’re attracting some very bright people to our team. It’s about making sure everyone in the company deeply understands our growth levers and can measure their impact toward those goals in order to stay agile as we continue to expand.”

To drive successful growth, the company has also established a wide net of business intelligence systems through finance and operations, with a hyper-attentiveness on key performance indicators. However, Vendasta’s growth mission does not overshadow its vision to ensure a healthy, fun and respectful environment for employees.

CEO, Brendan King, is a champion for reinforcing the company’s values in everything they do. “Our values are quite simple, really. We drive innovation through respect and agility,” he says. “Growing market leadership takes effort from everyone on board to move us toward our end goal. You can’t grow successfully without purpose, and that is what lights passion in our teams. It’s more than a just transformation through growth – it’s about people achieving success together.”

While capacity growth is expected to level off somewhat for the remainder of 2016, market expansion is expected to continue to accelerate. The company has disclosed there are a number of exciting innovations on the horizon for the Vendasta offering, as well as new products that will expand their technology footprint into new markets, with future announcements being planned for later this summer.


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