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Artificial intelligence tool demystifies customer review trends online

Dec. 18, 2019 (Saskatoon, CANADA) – Vendasta partners now have the ability to better understand customer experiences through Reputation Management’s new sentiment analysis functionality.

The natural language processing technique uses AI to identify and extract critical words and phrases from customer reviews. The result is a collective understanding of whether a business is succeeding or failing. Businesses can use the information to uncover trends, understand how customers in certain geographic areas feel about specific business locations, and determine how adjustments affect a brand over time.

“This is wildly important for a small or medium business because average star ratings often paint reviews with too broad a brush,” said EVP of Marketplace Ed O’Keefe. “This is especially the case for multi-location or franchise businesses that can receive hundreds of reviews every day, making a manual analysis of those reviews nearly impossible to do at scale.”

Sentiment analysis in Reputation Management can pull relevant keyword text like ‘staff’ and descriptive words such as ‘helpful’, ‘rude’, or ‘slow’.

In Multi-Location Business App, brand managers will be able to filter down to a particular location in order to pinpoint outliers in the brand.

“It is a critical opportunity for them to better understand the sentiment of market segments at a local level,” said O’Keefe.

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