Showcase reviews

Review Generation empowers your clients to showcase feedback on review sites, SEO-friendly landing pages and their own website.

Promote reviews on major industry-specific sites

Review Generation encourages your clients’ customers to share feedback on major review sites like Google and Facebook, as well as vertical-specific sites like and TripAdvisor. Pick the three networks you want to use to drive the highest ROI for your clients.

showcase reviews anywhere
Display reviews on a customizable landing page and exhibit reviews on any website with the testimonial widget

Display reviews on a customizable landing page

Publish customer reviews on a branded, SEO-friendly landing page. This mobile-optimized page is a great way for potential customers to read positive customer reviews during the crucial decision-making stage.

Exhibit reviews on any website with the testimonial widget

Allow your clients to embed this widget anywhere on their website to display their latest customer reviews and testimonials. Simply customize the colors and paste the widget code into the HTML of the desired site.

Easily share reviews on social media

With our Social Marketing product, your clients can effortlessly share positive reviews on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

Review Generation boosts your clients’ review scores and search rankings by

Improving review scores on major review sites and industry-specific sources

Boosting local SEO ranking

Displaying confidence in products and services

Building trust and credibility

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