Get more reviews for your clients

Review Generation empowers your clients to generate new reviews, showcase testimonials on multiple platforms, manage customer feedback and monitor valuable review statistics.

Generate, manage and display reviews

If you need to improve your local business clients’ review scores, boost their SEO rankings or help them build credibility, you came to the right place. Review Generation is a reputation management tool that helps your clients build a stronger online presence and a more positive online reputation.

Get more reviews

Get more reviews

Effortlessly gather positive and constructive feedback for your clients.
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Showcase reviews

Showcase reviews

Market reviews on multiple platforms and prompt happy customers to share their reviews.
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Manage reviews

Manage reviews

Get real-time notifications about new reviews, respond to reviews in-line and track engagement.
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Reviews API

Review API

Have your own platform? Take advantage of our powerful APIs to integrate with Review Generation.
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Why is review generation important?

Local search is driven by online reviews, and so is revenue. On average, customer ratings are proven to increase sales by 18%, and 90% of people claim positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions1.

Smart business owners are getting serious about soliciting feedback, but generating reviews is hard work. It’s a hassle reaching out to customers, not to mention directing them to review sites, tracking conversations and sharing recommendations on social media.

Business owners need a solution that does the heavy lifting for them.

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How Review Generation works

Request reviews via email

Contact recent customers one at a time or in bulk. The email directs recipients to your landing page or any website.

Collect and display reviews

Generate and display reviews via an iframe widget or customizable, mobile-friendly landing page.

Request reviews on major and industry-specific sites

Reviewers are prompted to share their reviews on major and industry-specific review sites.

Publish reviews automatically

Automatically publish reviews on your landing pages and display widgets.

Receive instant email notifications

Get an email alert the moment a customer submits a review on their landing page or review collection widget.

Teach clients how to handle reviews

Prescriptive tooltips teach your clients how to handle positive and negative reviews.

Respond to customer reviews

Respond to reviews directly from the dashboard. The reviewer will receive an email notification once your client replies.

Identify common and trending keywords

Monitor the word cloud to identify what words are being used and the trending keywords.

Get more reviews
Get more reviews
Get more reviews
Get more reviews

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