The recipe for modern sales success

Sell to the best, automate the rest

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Thursday, June 23rd @ 12:00 PM ET

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June 23, 2022

@ 12:00 PM ET








The way agencies
market and sell is broken.

Customers today are demanding more of a “seller-free,” personalized sales experience on the front end of the buying process. Learn how to harness the power of automation to sell to today’s modern buyer, all while accelerating the sales cycle and maximize your revenue by selling the perfect solutions to your highest value prospects, at the right time.


Our speakers

At this Conquer Local Connect virtual event, our speakers will explore the ways agencies can transform their sales efforts and build a scalable, repeatable, and predictable revenue machine by leveraging technology, data, intelligence, and automation.
All of these ingredients will provide you with the recipes for modern sales success. Just imagine…
  • Automatically delivering dynamic and personalized content tailored to your prospects’s biggest pain points that offers actionable insights they can’t ignore
  • Focusing only on opportunities with the highest value that are ready to buy all while continuing to drive revenue by automating self-serve for leads earlier in their buying journey
  • Prompting sales conversations when interest is highest and knowing exactly what to sell with AI-driven notifications triggered by your prospects’ actions
Vendasta has been hard at work building exciting new software features that let Channel Partners make more money in less time. Our new sales automation workflows, combined with our powerful new AI-driven email marketing software, enable your team to close deals faster and most efficiently, while providing a greater buying experience.

Feature releases

Discover exciting new software features to activate and drive your sales growth. Existing channel partners that attend this event will get first access.

NEW Custom fields

Automate repetitive administrative tasks to keep your sales team focused on working their pipeline.

NEW Email builder

Quickly build professional emails with dynamic components that speak to your prospects’ unique needs in detail utilizing our new drag-and-drop block editor.

NEW Lifecycle stages

This segmentation simplifies delivering tailored content to a prospect as they move through the sales funnel and allows for one-click filtering to understand where customers are in their buying journey.


We’ve got an exciting update to share about what’s to come but you’ll have to join us to find out more!

Event schedule

12:00 – 12:30PM ET
How agencies can build a scalable, predictable sales machine
Mark Roberge, Managing Director, Stage 2 Capital
The sales process has been dramatically transformed in recent years. Gone are the days where agencies can simply hire reps, assign territories and cold call their way to success with a single talk track. The internet has empowered the buyer with choice, while big data has introduced new complexities and challenges for sellers. Mark Roberge demonstrates how agencies can leverage these developments to rewrite their sales playbook and build a scalable and predictable sales strategy, all while adding a personal touch to the process.
12:30 – 12:45PM ET
The recipe to sales success
Jacqueline Cook, COO, Vendasta
As you grow your agency, you grow complexity. When you add employees, scale your client base, expand your product offering, and add to your delivery model, important client information can get lost in the mix and processes can stifle sales teams. Instead of getting lost in a sea of logins and feedback loops, let’s bring it all together. Jacqueline Cook has added zeros to Vendasta’s revenue run rate and was key to securing a historic round of $120 million venture capital. She has the unique ability to turn complexity into process, and can transform visions into blueprints for sales success.
12:45 – 12:55 PM ET
Sell to the best, automate the rest
Jacqueline Cook, COO, Vendasta
Automation fuels modern revenue. And together with your team, Vendasta transforms your sales efforts into a scalable, repeatable, and predictable revenue machine. At Conquer Local Connect, we’re launching powerful new sales, marketing, fulfillment and billing features that will enhance so much of what you can do. And those come together with a set of new workflow automation recipes that make work easy and fun for your entire team. Get exclusive first access to what’s new in the Vendasta platform.
12:55 – 01:00 PM ET
Vendasta’s Local Impact Awards
We are thrilled to announce the winners for our inaugural Local Impact Awards! These awards recognize the companies using innovative strategies, best practices, and technologies that help local businesses succeed.
01:00 – 01:15 PM ET
Using dynamic and personalized content to fuel growth
Harold King, Will Palmer, Dakota Zirk & Jon Neher
The words “automatic” and “personalized” might seem like opposites, but they don’t have to be! Join two Vendasta Partners and a Vendasta Partner Development Manager for a panel discussion on using automation to deliver dynamic experiences that improve your bottom line.
01:15 – 01:45 PM ET
The keys to winning better customers: A George Leith Masterclass
George Leith, CCO, Vendasta
Discover how to sell to your best-fit customers with leading sales coach and Vendasta Chief Customer Officer George Leith. In this master class you’ll learn how to identify client relationships that hold the highest value both for your agency and the local businesses you serve. Leith provides expert insights on the AI-driven digital marketing tactics you need to level-up your lead generation in 2022.
01:15 – 01:45 PM ET
5 birds 1 stone: How one automation can reduce administrative work across your organization
Jon Neher, PMM, Vendasta
According to some studies, people spend more than half their day doing “work about work”! Communication, status updates, and enforcing process are all important, but can be time sinks if not managed properly. In this breakout session we will walk through a detailed automation workflow that empowers your team to spend less time with this kind of busy-work by using Vendasta as your central hub for administrative tasks.

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