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Overtok Calls Conversion

Overtok Calls Conversion

Allow high-intent customers to call directly from your website and keep them engaged longer with call-to-action offers before and after the call.

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Overtok allows high-intent customers to call directly from your site and keep them longer engaged. Through this, callers perform valuable actions for your business.

Pre-call - Before we connect the call, we present the callers with a real-time visual screen, which encourages them to complete a digital action and skip the call. Great for online scheduling, bookings, and ordering.

Post-call - After the call ends, we present a call-to-action screen, which motivates callers to take various actions - join the mailing list, write reviews, access social pages, answer a survey and more.

Missed Calls - Instead of losing potential customers to competitors, we inform the callers the business is not available and allow to leave details. You receive the lead to email and SMS.

Management system, reports - Choose what call-to-action screens will be presented, determine business hours and view reports of calls and actions made.

Customers can call from anywhere in the world and forwarded to your phone number.

We support

Mobile Android:  Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Samsung 

Mobile iOS: Safari (Version iOS 11+)
Desktop PC: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi (Mac –only Safari)

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Key Selling Points for Overtok Calls Conversion

  • Auto-engagement – While callers stay longer on-site, the business has the chance to motivate them to take additional actions before/after the call. These actions bring value.
  • >20% new valuable actions from the same amount of traffic.
  • Better manage and track calls from each channel that you advertise to your clients.
  • >30% of calls to businesses are missed; Overtok helps you turn missed calls into a quality leads.
  • Powerful tools to grow your clients’ personalized results.

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