How to package digital products with Vendasta

Did you know that the number of products you sell can boost client retention by up to 74%?

More is better and we have the data to prove it—and the strategy to get you there. The truth is, you will not reach your full potential by leaning on a-la-carte selling. Packaging digital products effectively is a crucial component of your agency’s success. 

A bundling strategy is a key part of success when you partner with Vendasta. We’re here to help you get it right from day one. But don’t take it from us. Our guide also includes actionable bundling tips and strategies from five of our most successful partners.

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If you want to…

  • Go to market quickly
  • Create a repeatable winning sales recipe
  • Retain more clients
  • Make upselling and cross-selling a breeze
  • Discover Vendasta’s recommended packages
  • Learn from our success stories

…then this is the guide for you.

Implement a bundling strategy and increase your profits