Proposal Builder helps Vendasta partner win 17 new contracts

Insight from Vendasta partners Promoticon LLC, Mobi9Tech and Wikads

The Challenge:

Experts serving local businesses often face the manual toil of painstakingly piecing together custom proposals for each and every prospect they’re hoping to partner with. With an average sales win rate of 47 percent across industries, more than half of that time will go unrewarded. Discover how three Vendasta partners are leveraging the power of an in-platform proposal builder to save time and win business.

Agency sees surge in new contracts

Increase in average
revenue per paying account

Partners can avoid missing out on opportunities because of the burden of administrative requirements.
Increase in average
basket size
The tool gives partners the ability to explain the value of their offering with content created by the vendors of best-in-class solutions.
Increase in number
of engaged accounts
Proposal Builder gives partners the opportunity to expand their client base in less time, with fewer employees, and with just one login.

About Proposal Builder

Proposal Builder is a new innovation launched within the Vendasta platform designed to help B2B sellers generate slick and customized proposals quickly. It’s included in every Vendasta subscription at no extra cost.
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The problem

“We’ve heard from many of our partners that they spend hours building a single proposal with no guarantee the client will come
onboard. So my main consideration when we approached the design phase of an in-platform proposal builder was ease-of-use and the
ability for our partners, who sell ecommerce and digital sales and marketing solutions to local businesses, to create something in as littletime as possible,” says Vendasta Product Designer, Loni Goff.

Traditionally, B2B sellers have used programs like Word, Adobe Acrobat, and PowerPoint to manually adjust messaging, branding, pricing, and strategy for each prospect. This process can be clunky and prone to inaccuracies. What’s more, the proposals created take up valuable time and resources to craft.

If an agency owner, media provider, or IT services professional does use a dedicated proposal software, it often lacks integrations with their existing operations. As a result, users are still required to manually populate standard elements like account names and pricing.

“Creating proposals is a full-time job in an agency setting. In my experience, that workload falls onto the plates of the agency owners, and that ends up being hours and hours spent outside of your regular work to get these proposals complete,” says Director of Marketing for Vendasta Partner Wikads, Dane Whitney.

The solution

Spend time building relationships, not proposals

Unlike other sales proposal software, Proposal Builder is fully integrated with the Vendasta platform, so prospect details from a
partner’s CRM and any custom pricing or packages they’ve created will be pulled from the same platform. This saves local business experts time and money, while reducing the risk of inaccuracies that is present when data is sourced from external systems.

”Instead of creating something custom for each potential client, Proposal Builder gives me templates that are easy to drag and drop. It has really put the polish on the presentation of my proposals,” says Vendasta Partner and Owner of Promoticon LLC, Julia Manaraze.


“Whether it’s my own services or another Vendasta marketplace product, it’s so quick and easy to integrate into a proposal using this
new solution. It saves so much time from start to finish,” says Vendasta Partner and CEO of Mobi9Tech, Janine Coogler Hudson.

“I’ve had 17 proposals approved using the tool in only a few short months. The way I’ve found success with Proposal Builder is to nurture that relationship with the prospect first. Then, I will get on a call with the client and send the proposal during the call, so I can confirm they’ve received it and they can approve it right then and there.”

Julia Manaraze


The all-in-one platform for companies selling to local businesses

The result

Partners who have adopted the use of Proposal Builder are now taking only minutes to produce proposals that, in the past, would have taken them hours to craft and customize.

“I trained my new sales agent on how to use Proposal Builder. She was able to secure her first big win and sign the client. This sales professional is new to the industry, so it was extremely rewarding as a leader to help her achieve that through the solution,” says Coogler Hudson.

Promoticon LLC has been a super user of the tool since it was released to testers in December of 2021. Here are some of the early successes Owner Julia Manaraze has realized since.*

Increase in average
revenue per paying account
Increase in average
basket size
Increase in number
of engaged accounts
*These metrics reflect successes in Promoticon’s sales in the four months following implementation of Proposal Builder, when compared to the four month period prior to accessing the new tool.

Build a repeatable sales process

“Whether you’re managing a sales team or struggling to find time to sell, Proposal Builder makes it easy to create a repeatable, scalable sales process that helps you bring opportunities across the finish line as your business expands,” says Vendasta Product Marketing Manager Jehan Zouak.
“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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