Local online marketing agency wins extra $75K despite COVID

Georgia-based agency founded in 2019

Local, full-service online marketing agency

Member of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and Peachtree Corners Business Association

The Challenge:

Only a year after Thomas Freese founded Pinpoint Local Norcross, the world changed. Facing the unique challenges posed by the global pandemic on small businesses, the local economy, and his community, he knew he had to adapt quickly—and so did his customers.

More dedicated than ever to helping businesses survive and thrive in the face of uncertainty, Freese knew his current and prospective customers needed a solid foundation of local online marketing solutions to maintain an active, engaged, and consistent online presence. He also knew that he could not manage the added fulfillment on his own.

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With a background in software engineering and busy with other marketing ventures, Thomas Freese was only running Pinpoint Local Norcross part time.

That all changed in March 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic. Freese decided to go all in, committing to growing Pinpoint Local Norcross and taking his business to the next level—and he saw a distinct need for his services in his community.

“It was clear to me that small businesses, local businesses, weren’t taking advantage of digital marketing well, if at all,” Freese said.

It was also clear, however, that soon he’d hit a fulfillment threshold as he scaled. From sales to account management and beyond, Freese also recognized the long-term unsustainability of wearing too many hats.

Local online marketing agency speaks with a stakeholder at an event (600 × 550 px)


Pinpoint Local Norcross partnered with Vendasta in March 2020, seeking:

  • Access to a full-service team of digital marketing specialists to manage fulfillment
  • A way to offer bundled solutions, from a listings management service to social media marketing essentials, to set up customers who were lacking an online presence
  • Additional educational resources along with the support of a dedicated growth expert

The approach

Outsourcing fulfillment to Vendasta

With Vendasta’s team taking care of the white-label fulfillment under Pinpoint Local Norcross’s brand, Freese does not have to worry about staffing expenses and onboarding stunting the growth of his business.

That’s one big weight off of Freese’s shoulders: “It’s not hard to scale because Vendasta takes care of fulfillment, so I don’t have to worry about hiring more people.”

Marketing Services Team

Higher conversion with insights-based selling

“The first thing I thought was cool about Vendasta was the Snapshot Report,” Freese shared. The Snapshot Report is a sales intelligence tool that rates a prospect’s online presence, including social media, listings, advertising, and reviews.

By clearly identifying areas that need improvement and centering the conversation on how to fill those gaps with solutions from Vendasta’s Marketplace, this insights-based selling approach helps build trust and credibility—and convert more prospects. Beyond the close, it adds a personalized touch to account management.

“The tricky part about scaling is wearing lots of hats–sales, account management, and working more systematically. Vendasta takes care of all that nicely.”

Thomas Freese



Leveraging the power partnership

When Freese partnered with Vendasta, he loved that it was full service: “I didn’t have the resources to do all those services myself, and not necessarily the expertise.”

With fulfillment taken care of reliably by a team of experts (all under his brand), Freese could focus on selling the solutions with the biggest impact on his customers’ local online marketing efforts.


Conquer Local (and beyond)

And the partnership with Vendasta extends far beyond the platform, the Marketplace, and the fulfillment services. There is an entire online community of experts, entrepreneurs, and resources to engage with!

In fact, Freese discovered the Conquer Local podcast with George Leith before he even put two and two together and realized it was connected to Vendasta.

There’s an entire ecosystem of support and development baked into Vendasta, in addition to a dedicated Partner Development Manager who is there on the journey with you.

Best-selling products:

listing distribution

Listing Distribution

The single source of truth for local business listings.

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Listing Sync Pro

Instantly enhance the accuracy of local business listings, protect from 3rd-party changes, and suppress duplicate listings.

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Reputation Management Logo

Customer Voice

Gathering more customers reviews will help a brand appear more credible online.

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Social Marketing

Social Marketing

A social media marketing tool built to help you elevate your social strategy.

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The result

gross annual
marketplace revenue
average product
basket size
client retention


Freese decided to go full throttle with Pinpoint Local Norcross at a fraught time in March 2020. Within a month, he landed his biggest customer to date. Vendasta not only helped Freese scale his agency in a short amount of time, but it laid the groundwork for continued growth and success.

Life is uncertain, but with Vendasta, your future success doesn’t have to be.

“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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