Lead generation services agency grows revenue 120% since 2020 with Vendasta

Digital Marketing Collective (DMC Local) is based in Calgary, Alberta, and established its current brand in 2017

Agency focused on driving revenue for local businesses through lead generation services such as digital ads and SEO

DMC Local has been a Vendasta partner for nearly a decade

The Challenge:
Nine years is a lifetime in the digital marketing space. Back then, before Digital Marketing Collective (DMC Local) existed in its current form specializing in lead generation services for local businesses, President Josh Blyth and his partner did everything themselves—before hitting a ceiling. Since being a “digital broker” and leveraging white-label outsourcing was still uncommon at the time, Blyth needed a solution that came with expert guidance and support. Once he was freed from wearing so many hats, he believed he could properly strategize and take his business to the next level by becoming the DMC Local that exists and thrives today.

DMC Local was able to hone their expertise—lead generation services—while expanding their offering to scale with stability.

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DMC Local President Josh Blyth comes from a technology background. But the pivot to digital marketing felt uniquely suited to his skillset.

“I was in the IT world for 14 years,” Blyth says. “After I decided it was time to move on, I realized how many technical things go into marketing.”

Blyth found that, while there was a lot of creative talent in marketing, he was able to add much-needed expertise on the tech side of the business.

“[In the early 2000s], a lot of the platforms were just starting to come out, along with Google Ads,” Blyth remembers. “Local business owners felt that they were in over their heads when it came to navigating all those changes.”

Not Blyth, though. That’s when he realized the value he could add, given his technical background. He quickly began achieving great success. “We primarily worked for real estate firms before we realized we could do this for other businesses as well,” Blyth says.

That’s when he started down the path to forming DMC Local.

But just as Blyth could clearly recognize his skills, his strength was also realizing his limitations. “You can only be good at so many things,” he says. “And so you either have to hire or you have to outsource to a partner who can excel on your behalf.”



Through a partnership with Vendasta, DMC Local founder Josh Blyth hoped to:

  • Provide clients with a dashboard that housed all their digital marketing assets in one place.
  • Wear fewer hats by using white-label outsourcing to scale capacity.
  • Explore using a SaaS marketplace to expand product and service offerings.

Finally, when he no longer had to deliver every product and service alone, Blyth wanted to explore using a SaaS marketplace to expand the agency’s service offering as a complement to DMC Local’s focus on lead generation services.

The approach

Increasing retention with a client dashboard

Blyth is candid about his initial resistance when it came to partnering with Vendasta—until he got a demo.

“At first I was like, ‘There’s no way we need this.’ But to be fair, the whole white-label outsourcing methodology was uncommon back then… but after actually getting a demo, I was sold. I loved the software and still do.”

A big differentiator for Blyth was Vendasta’s client portal Business App: “The first thing that sold me was the ability for clients to have a dashboard to house all of their digital marketing assets. And the fact that things like KPIs and notifications could plug into their portal, along with all their digital assets? That impressed me.”

In Blyth’s view, the white-labeled client dashboard allowed clients to easily manage their digital strategy in one place, leading them to deepen their relationship with DMC Local. This ultimately reduced client churn.

Additionally, Blyth calls out Vendasta’s client reporting software Executive Reports, integrated in Business App’s client portal, for increasing retention with strong proof-of-performance.

“Executive Reports are a great way to benchmark client success,” Blyth says. “It shows clients where they’re starting from and how it matches up with industry standards. Then they can clearly see growth indicators as you add value.”

Maintaining expertise while solving more problems for clients

DMC Local’s mandate is to help local business owners achieve their goals through lead generation services with a focus on digital ads and SEO. But there are many ways to help businesses increase revenue through digital marketing.

Before tapping into services that are now DMC Local staples, such as website development, content creation, reputation management, and social media, Blyth needed to wear fewer hats to free up time to be strategic. Part of that included fulfilling more value by outsourcing to experts.

Blyth admits his gut reaction to using white-label outsourcing was “No, we’re going to do it in house. We have more control.” 

But obviously that mentality did not last. “There’s a reason we’ve been with Vendasta so long,” Blyth says. 

Asked what exactly the reason is, Blyth doesn’t hesitate: “Innovation. Vendasta is always innovating, adding, and improving on what they do,” Blyth says. “There’s comfort in knowing that if I resell products from the Marketplace, you guys are always going to support and improve them—especially [Vendasta owned and operated] products.”

Trust is also another big one for Blyth, especially due to his initial reservations about letting go of the control of doing everything in house: “DMC Local is the one with the client relationships, so if Vendasta fulfilled something subpar, we’d take responsibility for it. And so there has to be trust—and there definitely is.”

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A winning campaign for supporting local

The geographical area where DMC Local is based poses some unique challenges, according to Blyth. Namely, businesses can be slower to embrace a more digital presence. 

“Alberta’s always been the wild west in terms of adopting technologies and the way people do business… it’s not rare to find business owners who have been running newspaper ads for 20 years,” he says. Though these businesses realized they needed to adapt to the digital world, Blyth felt they were still biding their time.

Then 2020 changed everything. With the pandemic, the sense of urgency for local businesses helped DMC Local propel them into the future—to ensure they had a future.

“Vendasta helped quite a bit by being on the ball with a whole campaign for supporting local. They put together packages that we could resell to give businesses free tools to keep their business running.” 

It was the introduction of freemium products that helped many businesses that were “biding their time” jump into a whole new world of opportunity, and DMC Local was there to be the expert guide along the way.

Adopting more of the Vendasta platform’s capabilities to streamline

Another win for DMC was streamlining more of their operations through the Vendasta platform for increased efficiency. 

“We’ve kind of married everything into it,” Blyth says. “We’ve started moving even our billing over the Vendasta’s [merchant services], just because we like how that’s functioning too.”

“We’ve now started using the proposal system in Vendasta, too,” Blyth continues. “It’s helped close more deals.”

Closing more deals with Vendasta’s sales enablement training

On the topic of closing more deals, Blyth also goes out of his way to show his appreciation for Gracen, his account manager from Vendasta. She acts as an extension of his sales team—without being on DMC Local’s payroll.

“Gracen has been training some of our sales staff, and one in particular has now booked back-to-back meetings,” he says. “Our salespeople wouldn’t have had the confidence to sell these products if it wasn’t for Gracen’s training.”

Blyth credits this sales training with DMC Local’s ability to close at a quicker pace. Additionally, with a dedicated account manager to offer expert guidance, his sales team feels empowered to sell packages of bundled products instead of a la carte.

 “[Vendasta] is constantly contributing to our success every day… Now, we’ve got systems in place due to how we’re selling our packages, and even bringing on more quality sales people.”

Headshot of Josh Blyth President of DMC Local

“The things I love about Vendasta are the staff, the innovation, the products, and the fact that [Vendasta] instills trust. We trust them, and they are constantly contributing to our success every day.”

Josh Blyth
President, DMC Local

DMC Local’s top selling products from Vendasta’s Marketplace of 250+ digital solutions

Website Pro
Google Ads icon
Google Ads
Alpha SEO

The conclusion

As a legacy partner, Digital Marketing Collective (DMC) has faced several challenges and opportunities over their nine years with Vendasta. 

Cultivating a relationship for that long comes down to two things: People and trust.

“One of my biggest compliments to Vendasta would have to be their hiring practice,” Blyth says. 

“Every single person in our journey that has touched our account, all the way back to our very first account manager [nine years ago], has been absolutely fantastic… Any person we’ve talked to at Vendasta knows their stuff, cares about our business, and wants to help our business grow.”

“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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