Healthcare digital marketing strategists tack on $9K in MRR with Vendasta’s Marketing Services

Founded in 2010, KDMC Marketing is based in Edmonds, WA

Supporting healthcare providers, local businesses, non-profits, and B2B companies with branding, social, website, content and digital marketing.

The Challenge:

As KDMC Marketing was growing and onboarding new clients, it became apparent that they needed to change how they delivered marketing services. KDMC reached out to Vendasta to help write and manage social content, blog posts, and web design projects to supplement their existing workload. These marketing service fulfillment tasks can take away time that is better spent focusing on building strong client relationships and improving operational efficiency. Chief Dynamic Officer David Kaufer needed his team to find a way to scale these services in order to move the business forward.

Accelerate business growth at scale with Vendasta

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KDMC Marketing has a decade of experience serving local clients’ digital needs. They’ve been through many of the same challenges other digital agencies face every day.

“Vendasta’s platform was appealing because we could work with best-in-class service providers for some basic marketing services while focusing on client service and relationship building,” explains Kaufer.

KDMC serves as a virtual marketing department for small to medium-sized healthcare practices and businesses. As a full-service agency that provides everything from website development and design to social media management to graphic design and branding programs, KDMC is proud to serve their clients with a quality experience.

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KDMC sought to work with a white-label digital marketing agency that could help them fulfill client work while they focused on their clients’ needs.

With Vendasta, Kaufer was able to continue taking on healthcare digital marketing clients, grow his business, and also focus on developing his clients’ businesses. This is all thanks to the time he’s saved by working with Vendasta’s team of Marketing Services professionals.

By partnering with Vendasta, KDMC hoped to:

  • Increase marketing service fulfillment capacity in order to scale their business while they take on more clients
  • Save time to focus on client service and business development
  • Accelerate growth at scale with tools that save time and automate the tedium

The approach

Build a scalable process through partnership

One of the most obvious ways to grow a business at scale is to build a repeatable process. By partnering with Vendasta, Kaufer did just that. 

“We use a variety of Vendasta applications, but the most common would be social posts, blog writing services, and white-label web design services, and we have been very happy with the results,” Kaufer says.

Sell more in less time with proposal tools

As Kaufer’s team continues to take on clients, they’re looking back at the missed opportunities to request reviews. 

“Going forward, we’ll be more proactive about getting reviews from our own clients about our work,” says Kaufer. “We’re also looking forward to using Proposal Builder more. We have a page that we added to our content library that highlights reviews from healthcare clinics that we’re working with. So we’ll be creating more of our own pages in the content library specific to our needs for future client proposals.”

After building up a library of proposal templates, KDMC has been able to start sending prospecting proposals in far less time. This not only gives Kaufer more time for business planning, but also makes all proposals more uniform and efficient.

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Outsource services to focus on client relationships

By outsourcing services, the KDMC team uses time that would have previously been spent fulfilling tasks to focus on other important aspects of their business, such as client onboarding.

For example, KDMC recently onboarded a new healthcare digital marketing client with particular needs and had fabulous results. “We onboarded a new healthcare client with a very specialized niche. Due to so many moving parts, there was a lot of work involved with the onboarding process, and we wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible,” says Kaufer. “We ordered Vendasta’s social media management services and blog posts for them, and our client could not have been more complimentary about the entire process. They were very happy with the content creation, and those results have been consistent month over month. Taking those tasks off our plate has allowed us to focus more on growing the business in other areas.”

Keep abreast of industry developments and opportunities within the platform

As KDMC Marketing worked closely with Vendasta, Kaufer reflected on one of the best-kept secrets within the platform. “In addition to the applications and services, Vendasta has been beneficial in helping us build relationships with other partners through the community they have created. We’ve learned a lot, and we stay on top of developments and opportunities better now with tools such as the weekly Conquer Local meetings and all of the online resources provided.” 

Beyond the community, Vendasta provides account managers who meet one-on-one with partners weekly. “We also truly appreciate the weekly check-ins with our Vendasta Account Manager, Derek, who is always so helpful and proactive in providing his knowledge and expertise about current and future projects,” Kaufer says.

Being part of a community of digital agency owners and having a partner to help guide their journey through the Vendasta platform has helped KDMC accelerate their business growth.

Headshot of David Kaufer Chief Dynamic Officer, KDMC

“Vendasta has been a real time-saver for us! The platform is easy to use, and with so many products, there’s no limit to how we can better serve our clients. Thank you for the smooth onboarding process, quick turnaround times, and the consistent follow-up on each project we receive from the Vendasta support team.”

David Kaufer
chief dynamic officer, KDMC

Best-selling digital products:

Google Ads
Social Marketing
Website Pro

The conclusion

As a local expert in healthcare digital marketing, KDMC has managed to become even more efficient in serving their clients with Vendasta. Now looking forward to a new year of challenges and triumphs, this digital agency will continue to grow and scale.
“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
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