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Founded in 2021, Unique Pro Media is based in Hanover, PA

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Specializing in lead generation for SMBs across the US

The Challenge:
Digital agency President and CEO Jordan Roscoe founded Unique Pro Media at the beginning of 2021. Leaning on a passion for digital, he was now faced with the challenge of building his business from the ground up. He needed a partner to support him and provide the platform he needed to scale.

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Close clients and access the tools, technology, marketing, and collateral to fast-track your success.
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Unique Pro Media is headquartered in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and services clients nationwide. The premium digital marketing agency was founded by President and CEO Jordan Roscoe at the beginning of 2021. After a decade-long career working in the powerline industry, Roscoe began to tap into a passion for digital, upskilling himself to get closer to his goal of opening his own business. After setting up operations and beginning to build his customer base, Roscoe searched for a digital platform that could help him expand his offering and deliver digital marketing services under his brand.
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Unique Pro Media needed a digital platform partner that could:

  • Provide both website and SEO services for their clients
  • Offer support, guidance, and white-label marketing fulfillment as they ramped up operations for their digital agency
  • Help them tap into new products to sell, along with tools and resources to help them land new business

The approach

A man on a mission

Inspired by witnessing the ups and downs of his own parents’ small business growing up, Roscoe was determined to help other local business owners create a more consistent flow of revenue.

“It became my mission to help folks just smooth that trajectory out by providing them with really great marketing and branding services. That way they can have a really nice upward trajectory, and they don’t have so many of those peaks and valleys,” Roscoe says.

Help local businesses succeed

Stopping at nothing

The same morning Roscoe was set to meet with his Vendasta representative to discuss the initial partnership, he ended up getting into a nearly fatal car accident.

“I was out on the street with no shoes on in the rain and it was so important to me to have that call, I actually had my wife go and log into my email to let them know I wouldn’t make it.”

This is a testament to the care and attention Jordan puts into his work and the outcomes of his clients.

“Vendasta empowered me to go full swing into websites and SEO, primarily, but it’s also really nice to have all the other bells and whistles that come along with it, plus the support.”

Jordan Roscoe



Partnering with Vendasta gave Unique Pro Media access to pull from a marketplace of more than 250 digital products and solutions. The digital agency was now equipped to offer clients support with new websites, SEO services, online listings management, and social media marketing.

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Vendasta affiliate program

As an additional source of revenue, Roscoe enrolled in the Vendasta affiliate program. The purpose-built program is designed to help affiliates create a new stream of recurring revenue. By leveraging their existing audience and network, affiliates can earn up to $9,590 for each referral who signs a plan with Vendasta.

Best-selling products:

listing distribution

Listing Distribution

The single source of truth for local business listings.

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Google Workspace

Help clients increase productivity, enhance collaboration and save time by reselling Google Workspace.

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Reputation Management Logo

Website Pro

Build fast, secure, and beautiful WordPress websites for your clients’ businesses.

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Social Marketing

Social Marketing

A social media marketing tool built to help you elevate your social strategy.

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The result

SEO vendor case study dollar-icon
marketplace revenue
average product
basket size
client retention
Since partnering with Vendasta, Roscoe has successfully expanded his offering and is on track to achieve more than $600,000 in revenue in his second year of business. He is also one of Vendasta highest grossing affiliate partners to date.


“Everyone at Vendasta has just been awesome to work with. Anytime I need anything, things get done. I don’t think you could be more supported than I’ve been,” Roscoe says.
“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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