Agency experts in law firm SEO pull in $1.6M in ARR

Kansas City-based Growth Lab was founded in 2021

Law firm marketing entrepreneurs

2022 Local Impact Awards recipient: Strategy Excellence Award

The Challenge:

Growth Lab services a legal niche, which means that competition is high. As a digital marketing agency working exclusively with fast-growth law firms, CEO Will Palmer not only struggled with brand awareness (making their audience know that they existed), but also finding a way to set themselves apart.

Yet, one common complaint they heard all the time was: “I pay a bunch of money to an SEO company and have no idea what they’re doing or if it works.”

Scale your business from $6K to $137K a month in recurring revenue

Automate your lead-generation efforts, retention motions, and growth actions.
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Share performance and results using automated reporting in a branded client portal.
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Sell smarter by packaging and enhancing your digital offerings.


Will Palmer, founder and CEO of Growth Lab, has over 15 years of experience in marketing and internet advertising. But Palmer and the other entrepreneurial minds that make up Growth Lab are proud when they say they don’t “just know SEO.” They also know law firms and understand how to grow them.

“We were sick of all the marketing imposters out here that don’t understand legal,” Palmer said.

The law firm marketing community was sick of it as well. Palmer knew customers wanted visibility on their SEO strategies and a streamlined way to track and measure success. Engaging law firm SEO experts is one thing. But how can agencies expect to retain their accounts if customers can’t clearly see the results?

person holding smartphone featuring the mobile website law firm SEO experts Growth Lab


When Growth Lab partnered with Vendasta, they were seeking:

  • Powerful automations such as proposal software, billing, reporting, marketing, and more to boost efficiency
  • SEO white-label services to support the agency’s quick growth
  • An all-in-one platform to provide their customers with 100% transparency when it comes to tracking their results

The approach

More efficiency, more focus

By leveraging Vendasta’s powerful automation technology to create streamlined, repeatable processes and boost efficiency, Growth Lab could be strategic and focus on what mattered: their clients.

More specifically, they could be strategic about gaining a competitive advantage in the saturated niche of law firm marketing.

“We made it our mission to focus on what we felt were the three most important online marketing solutions to generate more new clients and cases for law firms,” Palmer shared. “SEO, Digital Ads, and law firm websites.”

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Customer retention and transparency

Instead of clients having no idea whether their law firm SEO strategy is even working, Vendasta’s platform allows Growth Lab to provide their clients with 100% transparency and insight into their results.

“And results translate into signed cases,” Palmer said. ”Law firms that leverage data and insights into their web presence outperform their peers.”

It’s no wonder that Growth Lab has a 97% account retention rate.

“Because of Vendasta, our clients experience a level of service and organizational effort that builds trust and credibility from the moment they sign an agreement.”

Will Palmer



Leveraging Vendasta’s technology

Growth Lab’s clients are not the only ones benefiting from access to Vendasta’s white-labeled platform. Palmer is a particular fan of Proposal Builder, proposal software baked right into Vendasta’s platform.

“We use automations that trigger when a new order is submitted to notify relevant internal personnel and teams that work should begin,” Palmer says.

The team has been able to generate and collect predictable revenue for the business thanks to automations—all from a single sign-on location where they can view a 360-degree portrait of their business.

Best-selling products:

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The result

With the help of Vendasta, Growth Lab was able to increase annual recurring revenue (ARR) from $78,000/yr to $1,600,000/yr, as well as increase monthly recurring revenue increase from $6000/mo to $137,000/mo. That’s 2,283% growth! In the meantime, the agency also increased the number of clients served from 3 to 39 and increased the number of employees from 2 to 10.
average product
basket size
client retention


With Growth Lab’s ability to scale over the past 15 months made significantly easier by leveraging Vendasta, their track record has been phenomenal. The growth has spread to their clients as well:

“We have implemented 1000s of legal marketing campaigns to help our law firm clients realize their growth goals,” Palmer notes.

Needless to say, these Strategy Excellence Award-winners are poised to continue their amazing success.


“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


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