Agency expands client base and boosts recurring revenue with Vendasta

Jenn Newton Marketing is based in Houston, TX

The full-service digital marketing agency was founded in 2021

Vendasta partner since September 2022

The Challenge:
In 2021, Jenn Newton Marketing Founder Jenn Newton began selling digital advertising services to local businesses struggling to stay open during the pandemic. She was looking for a technology partner who could support her with the tools and resources she needed to offer a full spectrum of digital solutions to her clients. She became a Vendasta partner September 2022.

Vendasta has everything your agency needs to generate new business, grow your product offering, and scale.

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After a layoff from her oil industry career in 2020, Jenn Newton began selling digital advertising services to local businesses that were having a hard time attracting customers and getting found online amid the global pandemic.

“My heart has really gone out to local businesses because so many had to close,” Newton says.

“I began learning about Facebook advertising, and then I got a couple of clients. I then realized that these clients needed more.”

After expanding her services to include SEO, Newton connected with another agency that was part of the same SEO resellers group she had joined.

“He said that he uses Vendasta, that he really loves it, and that I should check it out. And I did.”

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Partnering with Vendasta in 2022, Jenn Newton Marketing aimed to:

  • Expand their product offering to deliver a full suite of digital marketing services to their local business clients
  • Gain access to the tools and technology needed to grow the agency
  • Attract new customers needing support with their online presence

The approach

Kicking off the journey with the Vendasta boot camp

To arm herself with the proper training to hit the ground running Newton enrolled in Vendasta’s 3-week intensive boot camp which helps new partners learn how to package digital solutions, navigate the platform, and prove performance to clients.

“I highly recommend that to any Vendasta partner. It was really good because it’s about consistency, and the boot camp covers things you can do to prospect and attract new business.”

By utilizing Vendasta’s local search functionality, Newton pinpointed a potential prospect and recorded a short one-minute video on the topic of why that business needed local listing management software to optimize its findability online.

According to Newton, her prospect responded saying: “This is the best way to reach out to me I’ve ever seen. Yes, let’s meet.”

Persistence pays when it comes to prospecting

Another approach Newton deployed to attract new business, was reaching out to companies who were investing in Facebook advertising but needed help with other areas of their online presence. 

“When you start researching on Facebook and enter a search for plumbers or contractors, Facebook is automatically going to think that you’re looking for that service. Facebook will start sending advertisements for those companies to you. I started seeing all of these contractors on my Facebook ads. When I looked them up, I could see they didn’t have a website, or they needed help in other areas, and then I would just start reaching out to them on Facebook Messenger,” Newton explains.

Newton adds that agencies will get a lot of no’s at first and that it’s important not to be discouraged and to continue on until you get a yes. 

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Fulfilling a needs-based selling approach with Vendasta’s Marketplace

Since joining in September 2022, Newton has successfully onboarded seven new clients in the legal, construction, land clearing, rock milling, fence contracting, renovation, and commercial construction industries. 

“The only reason I was able to do all of that was that Vendasta had all of those different services that I knew my clients were needing, and I had the confidence in being able to supply them with all of those digital marketing needs,” Newton shares. 

The 250+ solutions offered through Vendasta’s white-label software marketplace gave Newston the ability to cater to what her clients required. She now offers a selection of SEO white-label services, listing management, PPC solutions, and website services to her clients based on their goals.

“I have a client that really doesn’t want any calls right now. He just wants brand recognition. That’s a completely different strategy than someone who needs phone calls right now. Vendasta allows that.”

Generating a new source of revenue through the Vendasta Affiliate Program

With new consulting work on the horizon, Newton is shifting her sights from client acquisition to referral income through the Vendasta Affiliate Program.

“It allows me to focus on things that I like to do and promote a company that I feel really has helped me grow my business,” Newton explains.

Head shot of Jenn Newton Founder of Jenn Newton Marketing

“I only have what I have because of Vendasta. The resources that Vendasta offers clients are phenomenal. The boot camp that they offer is phenomenal.”

Jenn Newton
Founder, Jenn Newton Marketing

Jenn Newton Marketing’s best-selling products:

Google Ads
SEO Network

Unlocking the power of the Vendasta platform to scale

By enrolling in the affiliate program Newton, will be able to maintain the recurring revenue stream coming in through her existing client base. In addition, she’ll have the opportunity to generate more income by recommending the Vendasta platform to industry colleagues, freeing her up to focus on a new consulting contract, and maximizing her earning potential. 

If you’re interested in leveraging Vendasta to scale your agency, you can sign up here.

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