How this agency achieved 100% client retention with Vendasta

New Jersey-based First Gen Marketing was founded in 2021

Digital marketing and multi-media production company

Focus on serving home service-based businesses, lawyers, and healthcare professionals
The Challenge:

First Gen Marketing
co-founder and CEO Rich Burner was unhappy with his digital marketing fulfillment partner and needed a change.

Vendasta has everything your agency needs to grow your product offering and scale your business.

Gross annual
Client retention


Co-founder and CEO of First Gen Marketing Rich Burner has a small team with a sharp focus on serving home-service businesses and busy professionals.  “Our number-one priority right now is to grow and scale as quickly as possible, while offering the highest quality consulting as possible,” Rich Burner says. Burner and his team take pride in growing their clients’ businesses with effective communication and transparency.
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When First Gen Marketing partnered with Vendasta, they were looking for:

  • A marketing fulfillment team that could keep up with demand
  • A company that prioritizes communication and makes time for its partners
  • A white-label software marketplace that makes it easier to customize product and service bundles for every client

The approach

Outsourcing fulfillment to focus on client offerings

With Vendasta’s Marketing Services team holding up the fulfillment side of the operation, First Gen Marketing could focus on growing their business strategically and focus on expanding their offerings. This also included using Vendasta’s Marketplace to better serve their clients with specific product and service bundles.

“The white-label software marketplace is incredible. Before every sales call, I go in and make a package for that prospect. We do have set packages that we try to push, but often businesses are in different places and it’s difficult to have a one-size-fits-all approach. Our goal is to cut the clutter and sell people only things they need,” explains Burner.

Seek out supports to build a better client experience

By leaning on Vendasta’s Customer Success team, First Gen Marketing was able to learn the platform and Marketplace quickly in order to better serve their clients. 

“All too often, the biggest letdown in a business relationship with vendors or other white-label agencies is the lack of communication and lack of time,” Burner said. “In my experience, that hasn’t been the case here. The support is really what makes Vendasta so good,” he continues.

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Prioritizing transparency with Business App

A lack of transparent communication is a leading factor in customer churn. With Vendasta’s rebrandable client portal, Business App, Burner has enhanced First Gen Marketing’s client-facing communication with built-in reporting tools like Vendasta’s Executive Report, which their clients can easily access in their dashboard.

“The Business App is definitely a big part of what we do that’s client facing. Too many times, we’ve had prospects interested in digital marketing but they have a bad taste left in their mouth from a previous partner that lacked communication and transparency. Business App and the Executive Report give us a leg-up because it makes it simple for them to see everything,” explains Burner.

Also a fan of sales intelligence like Snapshot Report and Vendasta’s email automation software, Burner has found that all of these tools have made communication simpler and customers happier as a result.

Headshot of Co-founder and CEO of First Gen Marketing Rich Burner

 “Vendasta has made this process a lot easier than it would be somewhere else. In the beginning, it can be a little intimidating looking at Marketplace and trying to figure out what to do, but the support and the help that’s offered makes things really simple.”

Rich Burner


Powerful tools supporting client growth

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