Did you know Vendasta is a Google Premier Partner? It’s a pretty big feather in the cap for our Marketing Services’ Digital Ads Team. We received the gold star for meeting a series of Google benchmarks, including overall ad revenue and growth, and for expanding our customer base. The nifty part about it is that we wouldn’t be a Premier Partner without our own partners trusting us with their digital ads. Cheers to that!

Proud Premier Google Partner
The shiny badge had us thinking: How might we make our ads offerings even more affordable for our partners so that they can take advantage of them?

Let’s make some changes.

Starting now, you’ll find competitive Digital Ads service plans that will help meet your needs. We’re introducing tiered management fees depending on your ad spend, a lower monthly minimum spend of $300, scrapping our three month commitment, and a lot more. Take a look at the changes and let us know what you think!